Connecting loaded Sata HD to new mobo w/o sata?!?!

My motherboard just died on me and in short time the only mobo I could get to replace it that was compatible with all my other components (i.e. Memory, CPU, etc...) does not have Sata onboard. My HD is a Sata and I've been looking to see if it is possible to transfer that HD to the new mobo using a Sata Pci Card w/o having to reinstall or do anything special. I've read about the Sata Pci card drivers on a floppy and using F6 and what not, but is that only for installing windows on a sata hd that is connected to the sata pci card or will that too work in my situation.? Any help is greatly appreciated.
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  1. If your motherboard BIOS can see and allow booting from a HDD on a PCI SATA card, you may be able to add a card like one of these (ignore those that are E-SATA only). Check you motherboard manual. Unfortunately, you may have to actually buy a card, add your SATA HDD and access the BIOS to determine if the BIOS "sees" the HDD. If it does, boot to the HDD and install the drivers for your motherboard from the CD. If it does not, you may have to find an IDE/PATA HDD.

    The F6 key is to install RAID drivers into XP, it isn't needed to run non-RAID HDDs.
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