Case for EVGA nForce 780i sli motherboard

i got an EVGA nForce 780i sli motherboard and was wondering what case tobuy anyone have any sugjestions? (quad core, 2 9800gt, 6.5 gig ddr2 ram)
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  1. that baored can fit itself into a midiATX or a ATX personly I would have a full tower ATX case like the armor VB6000 or antec 1200 the 9800 is a BIG card :O
  2. Agree. I like my Antec 900, but for your system, a full sized case would be better.
  3. thx a bunch(im an uber noob)
  4. its possible to fit that into a midi atx or just a standard ATX but its real tight and your cable managment has to be top
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