Ati Crossfire configuration with HD3870 & HD4870

Hi guys & girls of course

I have a question about Ati Crossfire configuration.

Is it possible to have the next configuration

( currently have: )HD3870 with ( want to buy: )HD4870 (both sapphire) :whistle:

Is this possible or do i have to have twice a HD3870?

Thanks in advance!

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  1. Apparently drivers are not capable of running those two cards in Crossfire configuration.
  2. ^ Yep (Edit: to badge). You would be best off running the 4870 alone.

    I thought there was a review that has a 3870 xfire setup vs the 4870 but I don't remember who did it or if I am just making it up.

    In Anand's review they used the 3870x2 which should give a decent representation of how 3870 xfire would compare to a 4870.
  3. Thanks!!! This will help alot!!! thank you all.
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