Which computer case?

I'm building a new computer this Christmas and was wonder what case you guys would recommend. The budget for the case is around $50.

I was looking at the antec 300, and the CM Centurion 590, I was wondering what the noise level of these cases are. Because this computer will be in the living room, so the quieter the better.

Any suggestions are greatly appreciated!
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  1. The Antec will be quieter, less fans. If you add all the fans both are possible of using the 590 should be quieter since it is more sound dampening since it is made from thicker steel and is less "open".
  2. Don't they both come with 2 fans though?
  3. Newegg had the antec sonata III for $45 shipped this morning with special email code. Look for similar deals this black friday. Sometimes you don't always get the latest model, but the savings are worth it.
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