Phenom and HD 4850/4870- bottleneck?

Hey guys. I got 4850. When I play crysis it's alright, but sometimes when there is to much action it's not very smooth (Ofcourse I know that crysis is crazyass game). I play on very high with no AA and stuff. ( I play at 1280x......). How do you think, is there gona be a bottlneck because of my weak Phenom 9550 if I'll get 4870 1Gb.'Cuz I can return this one and get HD 4870.

MotherBoard: Foxconn (Bengal) RS780 Motherboard
Ram: 6Gb
CPU: phenom quad core 9550 2.2GhzX4
GPU: ATI 4850 515Mb
PSU- thermaltake 850w black widow
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  1. It shouldnt be holding it back if at all 1280x1024 wont stress the thing too much...

    Best way to tell would be to lower the resolution... if the FPS go up then your GPU is the limit, If they stay the same then the CPU is the limiting factor.
  2. Crysis is code optimized for last years high end nVidia card Sooooo......
  3. ooo you have a psu named after me : P
  4. I have a phenom 9950 oced to 2.85ghz with a 512 4870 and I play crysis warhead at gamer (high) setting with 2xAA at 1080p res. Always over 30FPS. So maybe the 2.2ghz speed of your phenom may slow it down.

    I had a 9600 BE at 2.3 and that thing would not OC for anything...I knew that when I bought it but I still tried.

    As soon as I got The 9950 and OCed to 2.85 ghz I saw I huge gain in FPS.

    With the 9600 at 2.3 I could play at med. setting no AA at res of 1920x1200 And the FPS would drop under 30 every time I would shoot or something.

    I tried playing at a res under my native res. But it looked too streched or something.

    What is your Max res. Because if its 1280x1024 than the 4850 is fine. but if its 1920x1200 I would say take it back and get a 4870.
  5. Well considering your CPU is clocked at only 2.3Ghz it may be holding it back a bit. But as others have siad, lower the resolution and if the FPS go up its being GPU limited. But if they go down then they will be showing a CPU limitation.

    TBH though I doubt your GPU is limiting you. The 4850 does pretty well at 1280x1024 on Very High, normally 32FPS average.
  6. Also try tweaking your graphics quality settings, as there are settings that greatly impact performance going from high -> very high with little to no visual improvement.
  7. I used FRAPS, and my FPS in Crysis (on very high, no AA, 1280x....) is 27-32. When I set it on Low, no AA, at 800x600 my FPS is even go down (20-25).
    In STALKER: SoC at everything on max, at 1180x...... (FPS is like 80-98, but sometimes it lags, like onse a 40 seconds. So I guess my CPU limmits my GPU?
  8. It seems like it. Stalker is a bit less demanding than Crysis. But since your FPS went down it looks like your CPU is holding your GPU back a bit.

    You can either upgrade or try your luck at OCing. OCing may be difficult since its a B2 Phenom and I doubt you have a SB750 mobo.
  9. I think I'm very limitied about upgrading my CPU 'cuz of my MotherBoard.
    What CPU should I buy, so it works good and is gona work with my stupid MB. [...] Rsp2.shtml .
  10. What mobo do you have? Or what model PC should I say. The link you put is broken.
  11. Maybe you should just try overclocking that thing. You have a Phenom 9550 and the only upgrade you can get is a 9650 which is also 95W. You can't get a 9850 since it consumes 125W. It would be pointless to upgrade to a 9650 cause a little overclock can get you there.
  12. I have a 4850 and a Phenom 9500 on this board. Board was selected for future proofing, only thing i didnt see on it was the true dual channel PCI-E at 16x but i dont think i will ever crossfire
  13. Don't bother buying a new motherboard plus CPU for a phenom. Either get a Intel Q6600 or wat till the prices for Intel Core i7 to drop. Intel Core i7 is more future proof, but you will have to get ddr3 in addition to the Core i7 CPU and motherboard. Before you do all this, the most simple solution for now is to overlock the CPU.
  14. I can't overclock it, 'cuz I have a stupid BIOS. Everything that I need for OC is locked in BIOS. And I haven't ever reinstall BIOS. Is there any other ways? HELP
  15. To be honest even just upping to a Phenom 9850 woudn't be as much help. What you could do is get a higher clcoked dual core for now, like a Athlon X2 6400+ and that would push better performance.

    but you are pretty limited since its a Gateway.

    For your next build I suggest a custom PC if you can. Normally you get whats better at the time.
  16. If you can wait until February, there will be a 2.8Gz 95W Deneb Phenom ... should be around $200.

  17. Should I keep 4850? What if I'll get 4870 and in 2 month I'll get new MoBo and CPU? Is 4870 will work the same as 4850 on my hardware or it's gona be even worther ?
  18. You shouldn't be limited by your CPU.
    I blame your mobo for the bottleneck, just a random assumption.
  19. Don't get rid of your 4850... If you want a GPU upgrade, go Crossfire 4850 instead. Wait for AM2+ socket Deneb in february or get an Intel Core i7 after a few more weeks when prices drop a little bit more.
  20. Check this thread out for upgrading GPU. But the GPU isn't limiting you.,2064.html
  21. You think i7 is gona drop its price? I don't think so, even if it will it's gona be when i7 will be old and there will be something much better.
  22. Ohhh, Shouldn't I get HD 4870?
  23. That thread I linked should tell you which graphic card to buy depending on your budget pegas.
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