Return 8800gt and get a 4870?

Hello, i recently bought a bfg 8800gt oc for $99, but it is returnable within 30 days.

I game on a 19inch monitor @ 1400x900 native resolution.

My question is should i return the 8800 and get a 4870 instead?

the 4870 cheapest in my area is $280 after rebate.

Specs for my upcoming build:
E8400 with ocz vendetta 2 cooler
420watt psu (29a on 12v) but can be upgraded if needed
2gb ocz gold 800mhz ram
640gb wd caviar hdd
Asus p5q pro p45 mobo
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  1. At your resolution, the best buy would be the 4850 not a 4870.

    You can get it around $140.00 after rebate.
  2. i would suggest you return the 8800gt and get a 4850 instead. they are very cheap(starting at 169 at or at best buy for 149), faster than the 8800gt, and uses less power than the 4870. besides you have a crossfire motherboard. i would change out that psu though, to many amps for that psu. besides your only playing at 1400x900. the 4850 is more than enough for that res. so return the 8800gt and get a new 4850 and new psu for the same price as a 4870.
  3. If you can fit it into your budget then I would definitely recommend it. I upgraded from an OC'd 8800GTS 512mb card and it was worth every penny.


  4. Unless you plan on another monitor why not stick with the 8800GT? It should perform well with that monitor and you got it for a decent price.
  5. get the gtx 260 .. same price as the 4870. get an oc'd version
  6. I agree with the HD4850... if it's very little money.
    The HD4870 is definitely tooo expensive for the reoslution you're using it at, but if the HD4850 were $150 or less sure.

    Over $150 it'd be a tough sell, the GF8800GT is a pretty competent card, and will do pretty good at that resolution. Only if you wanna crank the quality setting or AA would I recommend an upgrade, and really depends on the price, an HD4870 for $180 more definitely not a great deal IMO, especially if you have to monkey with a rebate ontop of that.
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