Mouse lagging and itunes distortion

I'm having this issue where all of a sudden my mouse starts to lag and when I move it, it just jerks around in a non smooth motion. At times this also happens with iTunes starting to make a hi-pitch noise or crackling. The CPU isn't the issue, I don't see it spiking or having any influence.

This has happen over 2 computers. Both systems I've used a wireless Mircosoft mouse and it's only a foot away from the receiver. I built a new system last month. I have an i7, 16GB Ram, Ge Force 1GB 9800 and I'm using Realtek integrated Audio and using a SSD.

My previous system was a Quad 6600, 8 GB Ram, Quadro 1700 and a Creative Audio card.

I've found this issue online but no real fixes. So far I've read about limiting iTunes to one core, reinstalling QuickTime, that's if iTunes is the issue. I've figured having this issue with the old system, it was just a problem that I left behind!
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  1. what is the process that is taking the most CPU time during the slow down?

    when was last time you scanned for viruses/etc?

    I mean mouse/program being slow could have to do with program itself and not the hardware. I've had flash plug in crash chrome several times on a brand new machine, where firefox had no problems there. It's just that chrome has shitty plug in handling. So, if it all comes down to iTunes, try looking for an alternative, after all iTunes was written for Mac OS not windows.
  2. Next time it happens I'll check for what process is using the most. The overall CPU usage when this happen yesterday was 7%.

    I'm sure I'm virus and malware free, I'm careful and I use Eset. I'll run a full scan tonight.

    Yeah I was thinking of using media monkey but nto sure how to do this when syncing up my iPod and iPad.
  3. On an unrelated note, why do you have such a beastly machine with such a lame graphics card?
  4. I know, I'm waiting for the dual HDMI cards to come out, I heard they will be out in a few months. Any suggestions on a type?
  5. You mean cards with two HDMI outputs? DVI has the same video quality as HDMI (HDMI includes sound as well; that's the difference), so any mid- to high-end card will give you multiple monitors. (note: Nvidia will only give you 3; you'll have to go AMD for other numbers.)
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