My new SYSTEM-Pictures included

My CM NV 690 with added Green LED fans+Green Cold Cathodes

Mother Board: EVGA 750i SLI
Prosessor: E6320 1.86 Ghz --- OC 3 Ghz 61%
Graphics: 8800 GT AlphaDog Zalman coolingx2 in SLI
Memory: 4x 1gig Crucial BalistX
Power: OCZ GamerXstream 750watt SLI
HardDrives: 2x 250gig western digital 7200.10 RAID0
Optical: Toshiba 20x DVD-ROM SuperMulti


case- 2x "Nvidia green" logysis Cold Cathodes
2x Black 120mm CaseFans
3x 120mm "Nvidia Green" CaseFans
1x 80mm Clear fan mounted by GPU to increase airflow

Zalman 8800gt cooling solution
OCZ vindicator CPU cooler
Crucial Heatsinks on memory
EVGA cooling on the MoBo

PICS coming
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  1. My eyes my eyes!!!

    The bling factor... LOL

    Nice build but i can only why you went for an e6320 when there are 7xxx and 8xxx series around... and why you went for 8800gt's when the 9800's and 48xx ATI's are here?
  2. Way to green, but I love the Tucan Sam bowl.
    I would like to see that in the Antec 1200 blue.
    Follow the nose it always knows.
  3. Because he wants the "Coolest" not the fastest system,you know some people have different tastes,owning the fastest system is not as "cool" as their own preference :)
  4. wow @ heatsink! what kind of temps do you get?
  5. lol not to be a party pooper but go have a look at XS's 39+ page cm690 mod thread... that is computer porn in its greatest.


  6. HeHe to chookman:
    I already had one of the cards and i alredy had the CPU and i went over my budget to get the ram and MoBo so i opted for reusing the CPU and just buying the second off my sister, i made identical systems for us. I play on upgrading the system to a Q6600 when i get the mullah, 17 without a job is not a great place to be =P

    To werxen:
    I get no higher then 46 degrees under full load for 24 hours with prime 95 100% stable and my core is running at 1.44v AND its running in passive mode!

    To ALLL:
    Please continue the thread would love to see what you have to say!
  7. All makes sense now x_2fast4u_x
  8. yesirybob!
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