Push the envelope or stand your ground?

ATM, I'm at 3.6Ghz, vCore 1.10625 and max temps 62/58/57/56 on CoreTemp
My question is, can i push on to 4Ghz+ and bump my vCore, raising my max temps of course.
If so, what is the absolute maximum one can reach with say 12h of Prime95?
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  1. well im probably not the best person to advise you if you are planning to keep your pc for any length of time but if that were my cpu id take it as fast as it would go with 1.5v :D
  2. You can definitely push it farther - for everyday use, I'd stay under 75C or so full load, and 1.375V.
  3. So I overclocked to 191x21=4011Mhz with vCore at 1.25, prime stable i think, only the max temps are 76/75/71/72 (!) Are these too high for a Scythe Mugen 2 in an Antec 1200?
  4. If you reach temperature limits before you reach voltage limits (you have a whole .1 volt to go), you need better CPU cooling.
  5. If you're happy with 4GHz (honestly, who wouldn't be at that voltage), you could just leave it there. Those temps (I'm guessing those are Prime95 temps) are fine for full load.
  6. Okay, at the moment I overclocked it to 4011Mhz at 1.23750v and max temp on hottest core around 72. Does that sound alright?
  7. I would look into better cooling, 72 is getting too hot in my opinion. I never like to see a processor running over about 68. But if its running solid, who knows? It might be okay.
  8. Curious....how far below the core temps is the overall CPU reading / That's an excellent voltage BTW for those speeds.
  9. But Scythe Mugen 2 is one of the best HS out there, is it not? It's on average 1-2c lower than the famous TRUE. At least we can say it's a high-end cooler. Reapply TIM?
  10. Correction: My core temperatures after 30mins of OCCT max out at 69/66/63/62. Does that sound OK? Aren't these core temps a little bit too much apart?
  11. Just set my main exhaust fan to high and my max temps are 68/64/62/61 and all airflow high = 67/64/61/61
  12. Those temps are completely fine. I would try to stay below 75C full load (Prime95) for an i7.
  13. The temps are ok, but doesn't all the fan noise bug you? At full speed they have to be kinda loud...
  14. Nah, I just keep 'em on low :P
    Btw, primeing now @ 3675Mhz(175x21) at 1.13125v, hope this works :)
  15. You should test the CPU at the fan speeds you intend to use all the time. That's one less variable and gives you more reliable test results. If the CPU is stable with the fans on high, but fails when the fan is on low, you may run into some issues. I also stress test my i7 for a minimum of 20 hours to be sure it's stable.
  16. HOLY ***!
    I repositioned the fan on my SM2 and look what i got:
  17. That sounds pretty decent. I'm going into my 14th hour of PRIME95 small FFTs. CPU clock is at 185*20 for a final speed of 3.8GHz with 1.325V. My temps are at 69-71C. You must have gotten very lucky with your CPU.
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