Problem with favorites and copy and paste

Hi. My question is: For some reason, I lost 'copy and paste' and direct access to favorites at the same time. I can't right click to put anything on favorites. None of the above work. I'd appreciate some help soon. Thanks in advance for any help. Jack
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  1. Hi all. I apologize for not replying. I replied, but from my email, and obviously, that won't work that way.

    Anyway, I had no luck. I got to line 47, but couldn't get it to open for me.

    I do thank you for trying for a solution to my problem.


    aford10 said:
    Try the left column of line 47.
  2. If you have a pop up blocker on, try turning it off.

    Clicking the link in that column, will initiate a download.
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