Please reccomend me some good parts

Hi guys. I'm new to this forum but I read most of the topics and I'm looking for some advice for choosing some parts for my new build. Here is what I've got so far:
Antec 300 case
Antec 850 watt PSU
Intel E8500
Logitech gaming keyboard and mouse
I want to use a 64 bit OS and I'll be starting with XP and I'll probably try Vista64 too. I never used a 64 OS before. I know I might encounter some driver problems and if I won't be able to pass them I'll switch back to a 32 bit OS.
I desperately need help with choosing a good mobo. I need RAM recommendations and I'm also trying to decide between 4870X2 or gt280 VGA.
Money is not really an issue but I'd still like to keep things reasonable. I plan on keeping the new rig in standard form for quite a while and maybe in future to overclock it, but that's not really a priority right now. I'm most interested in having a very reliable overall computer. I have a couple of computers right now so I don't really need to get it done very soon (even though I'd like to). I'll be using this computer for video editing and gaming (mainly car simulators and FPS).
I want it to also run fairly cool in "stock" form and if I overclock it I'll probably upgrade to water cooling.
I was very close to choosing my "perfect configuration" but then I started reading all the reviews about different products and I got discouraged.
I want to thank everyone for any help or comments
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  1. If video editing is a priority for you and what the system will be used for, then i'd recommend a quadcore processor over the core2 duo. If you're not over clocking right away then the Q9550 would be my suggestion. $325
    I'd start with the Vista64 OS over the XP64 OS since it seems people have fewer driver issues with the Vista. If you've got a budget big enough for a HD4870x2 then a P45 motherboard would be a good choice. You'd only need a single socket and your power supply could handle it easily. Asus seems to be doing well with their P45 mobos. Good quality DDR2 800 1.8v RAM like the lower latency Mushkin.
  2. I was considering a quad core but I got a killer deal on the e8500. I will probabli go for a quad in 1-2years. I was leaning towards Mushkin for the RAM.
    It seemed that most people got better performance out of a single card like 4870X2 or the gt280 than the ones that were using dual cards. Still undecided in between the 2 but if worst come to worst I could flip a coin or just see how the prices are going to look like in the next few weeks.
    As far as the mobo is concerned I was thinking of something based on the X48 chipset. My first thought was to go with intel so that I could have access to their great support site but discovered that their architecture and performance does not really reccomend that mobo. Then I looked at the ASUS Rampage Formula but reading the reviews on the board made me unable to decide. Why do you think that the P45 motherboard would be better?
    Thanks for taking the time to share some thoughts with me
  3. what is the resolution of your monitor?

    +1 to mushkin 1.8v ram

    x48 is if you plan to crossfire. p45 if you don't. resolution will play a role in this decision and also how soon you would crossfire. because if it is a year or more down the road then there will be most likely a lot better single gpu solutions to upgrade to rather than buying another x2. resolution plays a role because crossfire might not provide any benefit depending on your resolution.

    finally, this is a decision you should make so that you choose the right psu. psu for 4870x2 and any future single card is different then what you need if you plan on sticking another x2 in there relatively soon.

    +1 to vista. driver issues you may have heard about have been mostly resolved.

    sounds like you got a deal on the dual core. had that not been the case I would recommend quad as well. eventhough lots of games don't take advantage your computer typically has other apps running while you are gaming and the quadcore can really help with that.

    antec 300 is a good case. typically recommend for a little cheaper builds because for the price it is good. might want to consider the antec 900. or if you want an case that keeps things super cool then the 1200 but either of those would mean more $$.
  4. the resolution is 1920 x 1200.
    I already have a antec true power quattro 850watt psu.
    I think I also should start with vista 64, the only reason why I keep xp in mind is because based on my experience with the 32 bit versions xp is superior.
    Thanks for the reassurance with the ram.
    This is the card I have in mind right now:
    I would probably want to stick with just 1 video card just so I can keep the temp lower.
    Can you reccomend me a good p45 mobo for my build?
    Thank you
  5. your link didn't work. i'm going to assume it is the x2 if not then let me know.

    x2 will do great at your resolution. you can add another on the p45 if you changed your mind but at your resolution the x8/x8 would limit performance some. but if you are sticking with one card p45 is great board. asus p5q is a good one. also one nice thing about the x2 (vs 4850) is it does vent out the back of your system which helps keep it cooler. if you really want to keep your system cool look at the antec 1200. great case for keeping things cool.

    850w psu is more than you need but you already have it and having more is not a bad thing. especially if at some point you add another gpu (not for crossfire but to run another monitor).
  6. Here is the video card again:
    SAPPHIRE 100251SR Radeon HD 4870 X2 2GB 512-bit (256-bit x 2) GDDR5 PCI Express 2.0 x16 HDCP Ready CrossFire Supported Video Card - Retail
    From the reviews I've read about the asus p5q, the auto voltage settings over volt components to dangerous levels. But there are so many options. Which one did you have in mind?
  7. Thanks for the link. Reading the reviews on newegg I would have to say that this particular model seems to have some problems. Maybe it is only for serious overclockers.
    Can you reccomend a good cpu cooler? Artic cool or zalman?
  8. no it is a great board. get more opinions then mind but get them here not new egg. but also new egg actually had it rated very good by customers. did you compare the reviews to other p45 boards? anyway don't just listen to me. get more input.
  9. Thanks I will. And I appreciate all your input. It's not that I don't think that it is a good mobo it's just that I want to limit the things that could go wrong and since the mobo is so important I just want to make sure it is the right one.
    Which cpu fan should I go for Arctic Freeze or Zalman?
    Thanks again
  10. After spending several hours reading reviews and experiences withthis board I think I'll go for it. What would be the best RAM for it?
    I read somewhere that "Intel processors must talk to memory through the northbridge, which adds a lot of latency, minimizing the benefit of the low-latency memory"
  11. standard 1.8v ddr2 800 ram. often times people will get ram that has a lower cl thinking it is better but they just upped the voltage to drop the cl. getting the standard is better and then if you decide to overclock and need to adjust you can.
  12. Thanks for all your advice
  13. Any more advice? Anyone?
  14. Ok, I give up in waiting for anymore feedback. Thank you bdollar and dirtmountain for all your input.
  15. hopefully I'm not too late but if you go with the 4870 x2 I would get the VisionTek instead of the Sapphire. The VisionTek has a lifetime manufacturer's warranty.
  16. Thanks for the info. I didn't know that
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