What are the advantages of creating partitions on disk drives? How would I go about doing this? I run my disk drives without partitions is this bad?
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  1. the advantage is seen from security point of view. if u partition the HDD, u may install ur applications in one of the partition drive and the O.S in other partition. so, if sth wrong happens u r only going to format ur O.S. not ur applications.
    and besides the other advantage is ur data will be left undeleted if it is placed somewhere other than the O.S's partition.

    the steps are easy
    boot from the CD,(containing the Operating System) then it is a matter of pressing Enter.
    at some time it will ask u to create partition.
    just create it and allocate it with some memory

    c u soon
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    Hi, I go to explain to you in two environments:

    1 enviroment: You have a 1TB HDD WITHOUT partitions, in this HDD you have documents, movies, music, games...all. Some day the disk fail, you can't recover the OS and have to install the OS again.

    Final result, you lost all your documents, movies, music, games...'cause you need format to install the OS again.

    2 environment: You have the same 1TB HDD BUT WITH 4 PARTITIONS:

    C Partition: OS, Documents and programs
    E Partition: Games
    F Partition: Music, videos and others
    G Partition: Documents backup

    Some day, you start the PC and the E partition fail, so, you need format the partition and create again.

    Final result, You only lost the games, your documents, videos and music are safe in the other partitions.

    Finally, you can select the partition in wich you want add the page file, this can increase the performance.
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