Hi guys, im new to tomshardware.
i need help i just finished building my gaming rig and when i turned on the pc it started installing windows xp
i got an error message and now when i turn it on im stuck in a black screen with my temperatures.
i dont know how to install xp or boot the optical drive because it doesnt give me any option.
Motherboard is an intel Biostar p45.
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  1. Do you have any USB devices plugged into your pc? unplug them and try to boot again.
  2. i just had my keyboard and i unplugged it and reboot and nothing...
    Thanks for quick response
  3. Okay what are the rest of your system specs?
  4. core 2 duo 8600
    ati 4870
    650 antec psu
    4 x 1Gb 1066 memory
    2 x 120mm fans
  5. Can you remember the error message you got when you were installing XP? Did it finish installing or did the error appear while installing XP? What are the temperature readings from your Motherboard and CPU?
  6. the error said something like it stopped installing to prevent damage to pc,
    cpu and whole system is running cool at 29 - 31 Celsius
  7. it didn't finish installing.
    And i cant even access the bios, it stops at that temperature and voltages screen.
  8. Something must be wrong with the hardware somewhere. Carefully check that your CPU heatsink/fan is properly installed and that all the power connectors are plugged in properly. Try to boot with just 1 memory stick.
  9. If you have another cd rom, try to boot from a different one. Ocassionally you will get a cd rom that doesnt read from the cd well enough to install programs.

    This may be a long shot but I have ran across this 3 or 4 times so far so its definitely possible.

    Also, if you have a voltage tester to test your psu that would be my next thought...
  10. I would say hard drive, except it seems to stop at that temperature and voltage screen. Disconnect all your drives and then try to boot with one memory stick to see if you can get into the BIOS. If you can't get into the BIOS it may be a bad board. It happens sometimes that you get a board that works perfectly fine only to fail shortly afterward. Of course I'd also test the PSU to make sure it didn't some how fry the board.
  11. ok ill do that,
    do u guys know if walmart sells cd roms?
  12. i disconnected both thee hdd and the optical drive and it gave me a message that no hardrive or optical drive was conected but when i connected the dvd drive it makes weird noised and nothing happened.
  13. how do i know if my voltages are ok? i have the nu are good.mbers i just dont know if they
  14. You would need a power supply tester with a voltage readout. Most come with an alarm and the low/high voltage will beep and flash. I would do that last thing though...

    Wal-Mart sells cd roms, just not always the best price/selection. HP is what you will likely see there for probably around 50 bucks or so.
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