Brand-new 1.5TB WD15EARS disk "invalid". Please help!!!


I purchased a 1.5 TB WD15EARS a few days ago, and everything was fine. Then last night my computer decides to randomly shut itself down. That seems to have stopped, but for seemingly no reason my brand-new drive is now listed in 'computer management' as 'invalid', and nothing I do seems to be able to change that.

The disk does NOT contain Windows.

Can anyone please help me?

EDIT: The disk now seems to have totally shat itself. It's refusing to let me format it now because either "the disk is in use" (which is isn't), OR because of an I/O error. Just keeps getting worse...
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  1. So did you format the disc previous to these issues?
  2. Yep, did a full format to NTFS.

    Oh, also running Windows 7 Pro 64-bit.
  3. WD15EARS has high infant failure rate and DOAs. (go see newegg's review)
    IMO, avoiding green at all costs.

    (i just got 1 WD15EARS DOA, plan to replacing all of WD15EARS with blacks which have no problem for me so far.)
  4. Well I replaced it with a new version and haven't had a problem since :-)
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