Please help, upgrading Hp power supply

I have 1 year ago Hp computer that has a 250 W power supply (Standard ATX case i believe)
and i need something better for a new vid card I'm going to get soon.

Here is the information Hp representatives have told me:

24 to 20 pin adapter

120 mm fan

ATX connector should be 24 pin

similar Dimension 53.3 x 33.8 into 24 centemeter

(these are some mobo specs i googled on my cpu)

# One 24-pin ATX power connector
# One 4-pin ATX power connector
# One PATA connector
# Four SATA connectors
# One floppy drive connector
# Two 12v fan connectors for CPU fan and PC fan

So anyways, I'm still unsure if i need 20+4 pin, 24 pin, or a 24 to 20 power supply from newegg.

With all the information provided, please help me.
thanks mate
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  1. Get a power supply with a dividable 24-pin and you can use it either way. That's 20+4 pin. In addition, you'll need either an 8-pin or 4-pin ATX12v connector. I'd get one that's a 4+4 pin version of 8-pin.
  2. HP, compaq, and most large system builders have used proprietary. Proprietary hardware is any hardware that will only work the given companys own systems. I cant say for sure the given powersupply is proprietary but there is a good chance.
  3. thanks crashman.

    I'm looking at this roswell one

    it has a 20+4 pin connector
    and 4+4-pin ATX12V/EPS12V Connector

    is it safe to buy that one?

    last question, I've installed graphics cards, memory, all that, but i haven't replaced or installed a power supply before, is it easy ?

  4. 4 screws and make sure everything is plugged in. PSU's are pretty simple to install.
  5. Rosewill PSUs are generally not recommended. That one in particular doesn't even have Active PFC, so it is probably a cheap one. Check out an Antec Earthwatts; it may be overkill, but $50 for the 650W model is hard to beat:
  6. I just upgraded my compaq presario, and it came with a 250 watt power supply; probably the same as yours, since hp owns compaq. I used an antec 350w with 20 pin atx connector, and it works perfectly. Newegg has an antec 650 watt on sale for only $50 with no rebates, and probably free shipping. check it out.
  7. And by the way, you don't need the 20 to 24 pin converter; my compaq works perfectly with 4 pins of the 24 pin atx connector left open.
  8. yea, thanks O1die,

    I have to buy one of these

    I have found the 500 W antec power supply (good efficiency and pfc)

    and the Roswell that has the full requirements that crashman said

    both around $50-60 and something under my spending limit.

    So which one is safer to get? I was going to get Antec, but it doesn't say anything about 4+4/8pin 12v connector.

    The Roswell one is sleeved properly and looks good as well. any suggestions?
  9. A PSU is not something you want to skimp on. If you have to put in a bit extra to get extra reliability, it is worth it. Rosewill PSUs are not usually a good route to go. Check this thread for a decent overview of tiers.

    You'll notice that Rosewill PSUs are bottom tier.
  10. Get the Antec if its between those 2.

    I would measure the space that you have to install the PSU in also. HP are known for rather short PSU's so a regular atx psu may not fit in the space required. Ive also have had the 4 mounting screws not much up with the case holes (i just screwed 2 in rather than the 4 ;))
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