Visiontek 4870x2 Problem

I built my rig 3 days ago and everything worked perfectly no problems at all. Even on the first overclock I went from 3.16 to 3.94 Prime95 Blend 10 hours with no errors.

But everytime I shut off my PC completely and turn it back on there are 3 red LEDs on my 4870x2. I don't think there is anything wrong with the hardware though because im getting over 300FPS with the Counter-Strike Source video test and there is no stuttering etc but CSS isnt very demanding anyway. My power supply is good enough to handle it and the pins are in perfectly, I reconnected them many times. I never tried to reseat my graphics card though. I think it might not be in correctly because the blue little plastic piece is over the card, is it supposed to be like this?

I received only 52.4 FPS in the firefly graphics test on 3dmark06 with 1920x1200 and 8xAA.

8.9 catalyst drivers are all i have used so far, i just reinstalled them about 5 minutes ago but that didn't fix anything.

Crysis on Very High was only giving me 9 FPS for some reason. I think my GPU is staying at 507/500 even when 3d. I had Rivatuner and forced both to be 750/900 and this worked for a while. Worked as in it kept them at that setting, performance was still not the best. After reinstall drivers i have a different problem, one of them is running at 750/900 at the desktop and one is 507/500. I currently do not have rivatuner installed.

Any help would be appreciated

I have P5Q Pro motherboard, E8500 @ 3.94, Corsair 750TX, 4GB G.SKILL DDR2 1000, Vista 64 bit
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  1. well first off set everything in CCC to default... i had a high quality profile for older games... CSS, and cod 4 (which doesn't use a lot of video stuff with a 4870) so I started up crysis wars... realized i was getting a terrible k/d ratio of like 1.5 to 1 because of gpu lagging... so i looked at the fps... and it was always in the 20s at 1920 by 1200 ( modified config file so it looks exactly like enthusiest... and better textures, and foliage... at gamer performance)

    turns out I had my high quality profile on when i was playing.... so i disabled that and got nearly a 70% boost in performance

    also Run 3dmark06 at 1280 by 1024 and then tell us the Individual socres, use 1280 by 1024 because most people don't have the full version and can only use that resolution... also turn everything to default and have nothing enabled

    to fix your low 3d clocks you can change powerplay settings for your card, although I wouldn't do it as it is helpful for such a power consuming card... if you really want to know just say so though

    as for the red lights from what i've looked up it looks normal and relates to the gpus bios and post tests it performs on itself once boot up is initiated
  2. Yeah I thought so, I didn't think I had any problems with hardware. I will try 1280 by 1024 with everything default and post results.

    I dont think i want to disable powerplay. I just want to be sure my clocks change is there a way i can check while playing? Because I think that my current clocks always stay at 507/500, im not sure.
  3. try gpuz click on the sensors tab once its loaded and then check the box at the bottom that says "Continue refreshing this screen while....."

    then go and play your games and then when your done quickly go back to gpuz and see what it shows

    heres a linkie
  4. Alright, I got 15925 3DMarks, which I think is too low, but not sure.

    SM2.0 : 6766
    HDR/SM3.0 : 9359

    CPU Score : 2909
  5. those actually seem about right

    the thing thats dragging your overall score down is your cpu score... because with my 6000 cpu score and a single 4870 i get 18000

    I get about 6000 in SM2.0 and mid 8000's

    so your 4870 x2 is above my single card... but not by an extraordinary amount... they may be a little on the low side, but it seems ok
  6. Alright, would you be able to recommend an overclock for CPU? Its actually lower because i didnt do the test with 3.94GHz I did it with 3.16. Actually seems like the 3.94 wasn't stable because with the 3.16 everything is running perfectly. So can you recommend a minimal overclock but a good performance increase. Doesn't just raising the FSB to 400 help a lot? I just want to get to about 3.8ghz to make it more stable. 3.94 was actually buggy for me, i passed 10 hours of blend on prime95 but that probably wasnt enough.

    Thanks for your help
  7. Your cpu score seems low. I got 3191 in 3DMARK 06 with my E6750 @ 3.6ghz. Your score is less than mine and your cpu is a little faster. My cpu at this speed is close to a e8500 @ stock. 4.0ghz should beat it buy a few hundred points.
  8. Thanks for posting scores to let me know whats right, I got 3565 now after OCing to 3.85, im testing for stability now.
  9. o that score if your cpu was at stock settings is actually pretty close to what it should be doing... you should be hitting around the 16- 17 thousand mark with a near 4 ghz processor

    EDIT: your cpu score is WAY to low

    I got about 3000 with my old e6420 at 3.2 ghz... so check your bios to makesure you have both cores enabled... if you only had one core though... i'd imagine you'd have a worse score
  10. So what could be the problem? I ran small FFT for 18 hours with no error. 3565 is too low for an E8500 3.85? I do have both cores enabled and if i Didn't i dont see anywhere in the bios to enable them.

    EDIT: CPU-Z does this sometimes..

    1.296 V
    2430.0 MHz
    x 6.0

    1.304 V
    3847.5 MHz
    x 9.5

    it shifts back and forth between those two, sometimes it stays at 2430.0 x 6.0 for a long time.

    EDIT 2: I think my score is correct.
  11. I don't see how it can be correct... i've never encountered something like this... I mean at 3.2 ghz on my old core 2... i got 3000 points... and with your New core 2... at nearly 4 ghz you are just over 3000.... so somethings up...

    and the speed difference is speedstep... its completely normal and shouldn't be affecting anything... unless its improperly detecting load and during tests is switching between 2.4 and 3.85 ghz... it would explain why your score is worse than it should be and is better than a 2.4 ghz dual core
  12. Any tips?
  13. your using vista aren't you... and very high in vista is known to have substantial performance decrease in dx10 vs dx10 high

    I figured you used a very high tweak and were in xp...

    to get more performance in crysis, run the game in dx9 mode and then enable very high via tweaks (look up on google)

    i also did some searching on cpu scores in vista and it turns out cpu scores in vista are often MUCH lower than in xp, about 5 - 600 in tests

    that would place your dual over 4000 where it should be and you'd be hitting closer to 17 k with that score

    Don't put much credit in the 3dmark score though, I get 18k with a 4870 (worse card) and yet i have a more powerful processor... and yet in overall performance your system is more powerful
  14. Alright thanks, I have actually been doing what you were saying. Already made a shortcut with -DX9 and I used a Very High config and put everything on High. Everything is smooth now. Actually Very High on Crysis DX10 runs 20 FPS or higher. There was a problem with my processor because the overclock wasn't stable. A day after my post when I edited some settings regular Very High on DX10 ran smooth enough. But I will be using the DX9 and configs to have a better FPS.
  15. good day,

    well i have a AMd phenom 955 OC to 3.6ghzs, mainboard is ASus M4T79 with 4GB of corsiar 1600 DDR3, vision tek 4870 X 2, for some reason i am only seeing 1024 DDR5, and when i run GPU Z, im seeing one of the cores and runing on 50 flat and the next one on 88, one core fan speed is 800 rpm and the next fan speed is 1 rpm.

    anyone can explain this for me.

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