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I am looking to purchase a new CPU for my PC i am currently running a AMD 5600+ dual core atm and i am wanting to update (PLEASE DONT SAY GET INTEL AS I CANT BE BOTHERED CHANGING MY MOTHER BOARD :kaola: ) i am thinking about getting a AMD Phenom X4 9950 what do you guys think would be a good upgrade????

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  1. An X4 9950 would be great, an X3 8750 would be good too. Regardless it will be better than what you have now.
  2. What motherboard do you have? Watch out that some motherboards can't take the power consumption of Phenom CPUs. 9950 has a thermal power of 125W. Check if your motherboard can provide 125W of power to the CPU or not first. If your motherboard is unable to run a 125W Phenom, then I wouldn't recommend you to upgrade to a AMD. You should wait till you have enough money to switch to Intel instead or you will face the same problem sooner or later like this member here.
  3. And don't forget there are many 140W Phenom 9950's out on the market already. The 125W 9950's haven't been around as long. The biggest question is just as Pico_w asked what board are you running. Does it support the AM2+ series at all?
  4. And even if it can take the power, that does not mean the BIOS will properly support the chip.

    Just because the maker COULD update the bios to add support, does not mean they will. It's not an AMD or Intel thing.......
    But board makers don't make money unless you buy a new board,.
  5. How soon are you looking to get your upgrade? Deneb is just around the corner which would give you even better boost.....

    Make sure you have the most up to date bios and the question of what mb is vital in this.....
  6. Given the price of AMD CPUs i'd wait until jan and get the new X2 processors with the 45 Nm process
  7. Or wait a bit longer if AM3 works, as theyll be only 95 watts
  8. Check your motherboard here for recommendations:

    AMD Phenom™ Processor Family - Recommended Motherboards
  9. I second the 'wait for phenom' strategy. It seems to be pretty decent improvement over current phenoms.
  10. ^^doh meant 'wait for Deneb' of course :P
  11. Honestly I don't think you'll see to much of an improvement going from your 5600 to a 9950. You can of course get more out of the 9950 by overclocking it, but they don't overclock too far. I say that for now you should consider overclocking your current CPU and waiting for Deneb processors. For me, my 5000 @ 2.8 is fine and I'm going to try and overclock it a little bit more this week. I'm waiting to see just how the new Deneb CPUs do and will probably upgrade around February.
  12. Please post detailed specs of your current machine. Particularly the exact make and model of motherboard and PSU.
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