Question about video quality while using a KVM switch

I have a question about the general video quality using a KVM switch at 1680x1050 resolution. I've tried a Inland, Zonenet, and Belkin KVM switch but all three suffered lower video quality. My monitors a samsung syncmaster 226BW 22", all the various cables and adapters I've tried work fine alone but things go bad when i hook up the KVM switches.

Does anyone know if this is a general problem? Would i be able to fix it with a higher quality switch or is the blurriness just the way it is? Trying to hook an xbox and computer up to the monitor and switch easily between them just not having any luck so far. :(
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  1. hi Chronu

    I am not an Expert in this but I use SmartVm's KVM Switch for the same purpose and it works absolutely fine, you can try it if you are willing to.
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