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hi again i cant seem to get my pc to run with 4gb of ram,
i bought 4 gb corcair 2x2 cm2x2048-6400 c4dhx
it runs grand with 2 gb but when i add the other stick it wont start up,
pc;motherboard p5n32sli premium,pcu e6700,power supply 700 watt;
running vista 64 premium,
any advice to the settings of the bios ,or anything to help please ,
thanks dec,
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  1. try using one dimmm at the time. pots ? try other one ALONE in SAME slot.

    if wont post, this stick is bad ! if post 2 stick can ben ok. run memtest on each dimmm to be sure. try also with only DIMM 2 or 3 or 4 with 2gb installed to test ALL slot.

    ( from asus : 4 x DIMM, Max. 8 GB, DDR2 800/667/533/ Non-ECC,Un-buffered Memory )
  2. The Bios for that board should be at 1002, the memory voltage in the bios should be set to 2.1v and you plug them into slots 1,3 or 2,4.
  3. thanks will try this
  4. When you say "won't start", do you mean it doesn't even POST?
  5. This is a documented problem on the P5NE SLi board---if you email their tech support, they will tell you to manually enter the settings and cross your fingers.

    the only way they will garantee that 4 sticks of ram work is if they are off the approved list. check Asus's forums--its full fo complaints on this topic. I ultimately sold my board for the issue
  6. I think the OP is actually using only 2x2GB modules, not 4x1GB modules.
  7. yes i mean it wont post at all ,when you press del to get in the bios settings it freezes
  8. also it is 2x 2gb (2 sticks altogether ) thanks dec
  9. I had same think with my P5N32E-sli plus. Was a bad MEM stick.
    try what i told to test mem.
  10. cool thanks
  11. ive done as you said 1stick works fine in all 4 slots but with the other one in the beep goes off but the screen freezes on the first screen you cant even get into the bios settings ,i asume this means this stick is faulty?
    thank dec
  12. Yup.

    One stick is bad ! about 99.99999999 sure ;)
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