Recovering files from formated harddisk

I have two harddisks
one 160 and one 80
My windows is installed on the 160.Just 5 minutes ago i was planing to reinstall my windows.I put in the windows cd in the drive and when it booted a list with partitions came up.Only two my main hard and the second one.I deleted C: because my main one was C in windows and after 2% i noticed that C: was my second hard.The one i didnt want to format.I didnt know what to do and i restarted the computer.It said it cant boot windows and prompt me to boot from the cd.I removed my second hard and windows booted up.My question is there any way to recover the files from the second hard.

The second hard(the one that shouldnt have been formated shows up in the list as partitioned space but it says unknown size)

What im thinking of trying:
1.Go to a specialist
2.Quick format and then use software to recover the data.

Could somebody please help i dont know what to do.
Note:I didnt use quick format
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  1. Deleting or formatting won’t make the data in your memory card erased permanently. These data are just not accessible at the short moment. If you deleted important data in your memory card, they are not deleted as a matter of fact just the index entry or FAT or NTFS marked the data as free space for new data to save. If you formatted the memory card, you simply rewrited or updated the FAT table or NTFS table which manage all the data storage process. You can often rely on a format recovery program to tackle the problem.
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