Corsair ddr3 1333mhz max voltage

i hsve some doubts with my dram voltage since i'd overclock my system..

my dram voltage now is 2.10
but i've seen many post that corsair ddr3 have only 1.5v running at 999 24 timings

now i'm at 1364 ram frequency and 8-7-7-5 timings

do i need to lower my dram voltage?

i'm afraid to burn those sticks

corsair ddr3 6gb 1333mhz
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  1. depends if your using a Core i seriers like the core i7 920, in which case you shouldn't go above 1.65V. You'll do damage to your CPU if you go over 1.65V

    If your using that memory on a 775 motherboard then 2.10V shouldnt be a preoblem. What does the memory say the voltage should be? (There will be a little sticker on each memory stick telling you the stock voltage, freqeuncy and timings.)
  2. you get many different voltage ddr3 ram ranging from 1.35-2.2 volts now one rule is intel 1366 and 1156 platforms must only use the lower voltage veriety of 1.65v or lower on the other hand intel 775 and any amd platform will use just bout any voltage ddr3
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