Decisions, Decisions....Help?

Hey guys i just wanted some input as to which you would rather prefer?

look at my system configuration and tell me which upgrade you would rather get first?

a second 9800gt for sli (

or a new ASrock 750a sli mobo (

im getting the 5400+ black edition with either purchase.

also any input on what else would help make my rig more AM2+ ready (hoping AMD steps up their game so i can get a faster AM3 chip and just use my old DDr2 RAM)?
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  1. A mobo upgrade is point-blank cuz it will NOT boost your FPS by 10/20/100, etc. It will perform more or less the same as your current one with the same cpu & gpu. A gpu upgrade will DEFO boost your FPS.

    The T-Force is an overclocker capable of pushing AM2+ BE's. Keep the mobo. Save up & wait for AM3.

    It depends on your upgrade goal.
  2. i would say the CPU will be more of a limitation when a more powerful GPU being put in.
  3. thanks guys i got me the athlon x2 5000+ BE and the second 9800gt.

    Do you think it will bottleneck much?
  4. i would say yes. 2 GPU is really data hungry. people usually OC their Intel to 3.4Ghz and above. so clock for clock AMD will need about 3.6Ghz to do the good job. i mean test it out with Fraps see how much fps you will gain when you OC from stock to say 3.2ghz.
  5. fosho thanks for all your help.
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