gpu and monitor different connections ... need a solution

hello guys

i just bought a new pc and monitor

the problem is this:

my sapphire 4870x2 has dvi output ...

and my monitor hp w2408h has only hdmi output (no dvi! ).
so they cant connect directly...

so my question is this-

is using a converter dvi-to-hdmi will cause display input delay (if so how much?)
and is this a good solution or there is a better one

i would be thankfull to hearing your advises
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  1. they can connect directly with a dvi - hdmi cable. shouldn't be any delay. you can get a cable for anywhere from $7 to $70.
  2. dvi-hdmi cable- is that a converter?

    i would be happy to hear more responses
  3. dvi on one side. hdmi on the other. the only difference between hdmi and dvi is that hdmi has sound. the video portion is the exact same. so hdmi is dvi + sound. so when you get a dvi - hdmi cable you are not getting any lag because it isn't converting or changing anything. it is just carrying the video through and not sound.
  4. They do sell DVI-HDMI converters, just like they have DVI-VGA. The cables can be expensive in retail stores. If you look on Ebay or Newegg, you can get them much cheaper. Here is one for example.
  5. his x2 came with the adapter. some people don't like using the adapters and that is why i recommended the cable. with an adapter you still use a cable so it would go x2 to adapter to cable to tv. whereas with an dvi - hdmi cable it just goes x2 to cable to tv. probably won't make a difference but it is one less connection for the signal to go through.
  6. Very true, the fewer the connections, the better the quality.
  7. Exactly what bdollar said, HDMI is just an extention of the DVI standard which incorporates sound and a simpler connector. Use either the included adapter or a HDMI-DVI cable.
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