Going quad core: AMD or Intel?

Ahh the holidays, snow and eggnog and Christmas and stuff you get for Christmas, aka NEW COMPUTER PARTS!!!! :bounce: .

So here is my rig right now:

EVGA 8800gt (overclocked to 768/1828/1100 (stock is 600/1600/900/)) (i feel sorry for the poor guy :D)
(dieing)amd athlon X2 4600+ (clocked at 2.4ghz)
4 gigs of ddr2 1000
asus m2npv-vm (terrible board, doesn't even let me adjust v-core voltages aka no overclocking)
2 500gig 7200rpm segate barracudas in RAID 0
antech 900 case with 5 120mm fans and 1 200mm
and a antech earthwatts 650 watt psu

OK so here is my current situation, my cpu is dieing (probably has something to with it running at 3.2 ghz for 5 months). It generates tons of heat and has to be kept a below 35c for it to be stable. How does one keep a dieing cpu at 35c? the answer is 8, that's right 8, 80mm fans duct taped in a stack, put on top of the heatsink, and plugged directly into the power supply. With the tower (of doom), Ive never seen my cpu get more than 3c above room temp :o :wahoo: :wahoo: :wahoo: .

Despite how cool that sounds, it sucks and i obviously need a new cpu :wahoo: . My plan is to get the cheapest quad i can and overclock it (alot). But i cant OC with the motherboard i currently have, so ill have to get a new board too. So i now have a choice to get an intel or amd board. And either get a amd 9600be or a intel q6600. Now the amd costs 140$ and the intel is about 180$ so cost is a factor there. The intel can be clocked up to 3.2(or a least i think) and the amd 3.0(or at least it think) so it the extra .8 ghz worth 40 bucks? Ive also heard that the intels beat the amds at the same clock speed, so thats something to consider too.

So amd or intel?
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  1. I want pictures of your tower of doom cooling setup!
  2. lol, what a mess that must be. Post some pictures.
    Check my specs, I have a 4600 X2 as well that I run constantly at 2.8, it will do well over 3 on my lanparty CFX, but it gets too hot for my comfort.
    Anyhow, my 2 cents, get the q6600. You would have to pump that 9600be up to around ~3.5 to equal the q6600 at 3.0. The Intel will do 3.0 like that is the speed it was meant to run at. Put some really good cooling on it, and it will go farther yet.
  3. For overclocking, the intel without a doubt. 3.0 is somewhat pushing it with the AMD quad, and the intel should easily hit 3.2, and likely go higher.
  4. I would stay away from any of the 9x00 amd quads go for a 9x50 model, especially if you are overclocking. Depending on budget I'd personally go for the 125W 9950be for $173 http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16819103291
    But the q6600 is also a very good chip and its only a slight increase in price. These two chips are more comparable under stock settings vs the other amd quads. I can't suggest much beyond that, you'll have to search some more to see which one fits your setup better.

    And definitely, put up pics of this fan rig you've got.
  5. Seeing as you have to buy a new motherboard and CPU, might as well go Intel. The Q6600 is nearly better then anything AMD has out right now. Grab a Q6600 and a cheap P35 or more expensive P45. I had this same problem but with their dual core setups. I went Intel btw...
  6. I suggest you wait a bit after christmas (8.Jan.2009) and go for the new Phenom II 940 @ 3.0 Ghz which is rummored to be able to clock to ~4.0Ghz on AIR COOLING (at least you'll be able to clock it to 3.6-3.8 Ghz with no doubt). It will definitely beat Q6600 and Q6700 and will be priced below them.
  7. Yeah i kinda thought the intel would win, ive got a freind with one that he runs at 3.2 and it still idles at 29c :na: .
    In terms of cooling do you think this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16835233004
    with this http://www.newegg.com/Product/Product.aspx?Item=N82E16811999344 strapped to it will do the trick?
    (yes that's right 110cfm :D )

    Oh and regarding the "TOWER OF DOOM!!!!" pics will be up shortly :)
  8. if you wait until jan - feb, you could get a 45mn quad AMD. I hear you can get 4ghz easy.
  9. SWEET MOSES!!!!!!!! 4ghz!!!!!!!!!! ON AIR COOLING!!!!!!!!!!!
    even 3 stock is crazy, and i could use this with my current mobo and wait to get a new one for overclocking, so i wouldn't have to get all this at once. Now i have to think of something else to get for zee holidays...........
  10. 790FX with the sb750 is a great overclocking mb. Asus makes a great one, but look around see what you find.
  11. Phenom II (deneb) is scheduled for release on 8.Jan.2009 with first two model: 940 and 920 wich will be respectively on 3.0 and 2.8 Ghz stock. and will be AM2+
    I can't wait to lay my hands on 940 one :D
  12. Yeah, Deneb better rock or AMD are screwed until Bulldozer
  13. Wait till january and See if Deneb is a good sence it's 45nm and AM2+ compatible but get a motherboard with the SB750 south bridge.
  14. Also if Deneb is good, expect Intel to lower their prices, unless you need something for a christmas gift. It really sucks to "look, new processors are coming on 1Q 2009 so lets wait instead of buying for christmas"... but actually, the wait could really pay back.
  15. Sweet.
    In any event -everything- will be a lower price in Jan or even on into March.

    I don't see people spending very much this Xmas.
  16. Allright, ill wait untill "deneb" comes out and get it (assuming it doesn't suck or cost 500$) :p

    enjoy :D

    For you guys sake, I hope it's true. I really do.
  18. Have you tried setting everything back to STOCK?
  19. Yeah everything is back to stock. I would underclock it, if my motherboard would let me !!!!!
  20. yonef said:
    I suggest you wait a bit after christmas (8.Jan.2009) and go for the new Phenom II 940 @ 3.0 Ghz which is rummored to be able to clock to ~4.0Ghz on AIR COOLING (at least you'll be able to clock it to 3.6-3.8 Ghz with no doubt). It will definitely beat Q6600 and Q6700 and will be priced below them.

    So the top of the line phenom II is going to be under $180? Have any sources on pricing?
  21. nope no sources on pricing. :)
  22. If you were to go with the phenom II you'd be able to keep your present CPU cooler.LOL (after all it's AMD compatible.)

    Might want check out this link if you haven't already- http://hothardware.com/News/AMD%2DSneak%2DPeeks%2DPhenom%2DII%2DOverclocks%2DTo%2D5GHz/
  23. Have you considered just dropping in a cheap AM2 cpu? Maybe with a 5200+ you can overclock it and then have a decent system while playing the waiting game. There may be decisions to be made regarding DDR3 platforms come next year too. And with the next round of vid cards due too it might leave you in the best position to plan your next upgrade. Usually it is recommended not to wait but in your case a very cheap upgrade now may keep your system at a reasonably high level while the next generation mature (and hopefully spark a bit of price competition)
  24. Dont know how true it si , but according to maximumPC dec2008 The Phenom X3 will run about $ 175. But in the same article the Phenom was beat by Intels 6600 and 6700. While i have been a big AMD fan this has me thinking about switching to intel still have not made up my mind.
  25. Why tell him to get a AM2+ socket when AM3 is coming soon after the release of Phenom II?
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