Where's the i7 Temp Guide Go ?

After a month of getting Windows Event Viewer problems outta the way, my son wants to get to OC'ing his rig (R2E MoBo, i7-920, 6-7-6-18 RAM, Prolimatech Megashadow). Not looking for anything extreme, his goal was to hit a BCLK of 183. Currently using the R2E's windows based tools to adjust BCLK, CPU Voltage, DRAM Bus Voltage and QPI/DRAM Core Voltage with Prime95(small FFT's) running so as to immediately see effects on temperature w/o continually rebooting. Wanted to open Computonic Temp Guide while doing so but my bookmark no longer works . Where'd it go ?

Interestingly enough, the various utilities available all show different readings (BCLK = 183 / CPU Voltage = 1.30 / DRAM Voltage = 1.64356 / QPI/DRAM Core Voltage = 1.300):

Asus Probe - CPU = 58C

HW Monitor - CPU = 58C / Core 0 = 71C / Core 1 = 68C / Core 2 = 67C / Core 3 = 67C

Real Temp - Core 0 = 74C / Core 1 = 71C / Core 2 = 70C / Core 3 = 69C

Core Temp - Core 0 = 74C / Core 1 = 71C / Core 2 = 69C / Core 3 = 66C

Speed Fan - CPU = 58C / Core 0 = 60C / Core 1 = 59C / Core 2 = 56C / Core 3 = can't find 4th core apparently :)

Anyway, what i wanted to ask is, I remember from originally reading the guide was that Core Voltage was supposed to be about 5C above CPU voltages. I also remember that if it was wider, the cores should be assumed to be wrong because of BIOS issues. If that's the case, why even look at Core Voltages ? Anyway, that's the answer I was hoping to find in the guide.
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  1. Quote:
    Currently using the R2E's windows based tools

    NEVER OC through Windows! It's just asking for trouble. Always OC through BIOS.

    It's not that hard to dial in temps with rebooting.
  2. Yes, but the rebooting sure is a PITA......can see results instantly, in Windows. No real trouble if used for intended purpose of tweaking things in. After "exploring" in windows, I agree, gotta go back and set things manually.

    OTOH, what I can't figure out is why I can push so much further in Windows rather than in BIOS. From BIOS, hit a wall at BCLK 177.....once in windows can easily get to 200.

    Was only looking for 3.6 so will prolly scale back to 174 or so. Just for "educational purposes" do want to see how far this CPU can be taken....but that's a new thread :) and don't wanna hijack my own temp question thread !

    If ya wanna jump in that one, see "Hit Wall at BCLK 177" thread.
  3. ^That's because POST is quite picky ;)
  4. I post OK but it's after typing in the Windows password that I get issues....thinking it's memory related. If you'd like to take a shot, thread is here:


    Discovered an odd thing .... seems I have an OC fail indicator predictor. If ZoneAlarm posts a note about a system time thing and should it go on line and look for updated files, it's a sure indicator (6 outta 6 so far) that the resultant prime95 run will produce some errors.
  5. Shadow703793 said:
    WTF? What happened to the C2D/i7 Temp guide?!?!

    Don't know. I PM'd Computronix, but I haven't heard from him.
  6. The guide has been permanently removed per Comp's request. Please don't go bugging him about it though.
  7. Ohh.... DAMN IT! So I guess it's Google Cache for us eh? Thank god I have a printed copy of it ;)
  8. Shadow703793 said:
    Ohh.... DAMN IT! So I guess it's Google Cache for us eh? Thank god I have a printed copy of it ;)

    Please post it for us, bro.
  9. The link is there. Download your own copy. I did. ;)
  10. The link is there. Download your own copy. I did. ;)
  11. Shadow,
    I cannot find my copy, and your link does not seem to work anymore.
  12. The cache updates every now and then and since the page is gone so is the cached version.
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