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Is my boared faulty?? and what boared should I get if so

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December 27, 2008 8:03:29 PM

hi egnor my noobish other thread I knew the answers most likey anyway...

I have a problem, i have trouble shooted out the powersupply as two can't be faulty...the graphics card is scoreing properly and perforaming okay. But the computer crashes during games and sometime trying to log on to windows. I can't get it stable no matter what I do, I can fiddle with the FSB and voltages much as I like and still crashes.

its starting to annoy me now >.<

I have put it down to two things, HDDs (my computer is on a stripe raid) or the mobo...the mobo has had a runing (and lost) with a fualty powersupply unit and it was fine till than:/. On seagates dio tools for windows the HDDs failed on a test called "self drive test" it fails both of them, there are long and short of that test, everything else it passes... as for the mobo well I can't get the ting stable and after a peroid of time it gets worst, heat shouldn't be an issue.

when the computer crashes its not down to a file or a peice of software like or my other crashes with this computer, it was down to the BIOS and it kept say go into BISO and check this, this and this out...but that all was left alone.

the next part of this thread, if it is my mobo is what mobo next, I do want a X48 baored really if possilbe but what decent OCing boared with X48 can I get for £170? that is rock soild in everyway, not a pain in the butt to oc and will last.. and also one that has performaces, I like the look of some of the DFIs and gigabytes..also I like one "mainsteam" asus. I don't need DDR3 just a nice x48 in case this mobo is fualty.

thanks for your time in reading this post.

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a c 156 V Motherboard
December 27, 2008 8:32:56 PM

Need system specifications, including both power supplies?

And yes, two PSU's can be faulty or simply inadequate.
December 27, 2008 8:44:09 PM

3 psu...first one thermaltake 700watt ( a good old freind to me =))) worked my comp when I fist built it no problems) second one OCZ eliteXstream 800watt(faulty one) casued alot of problems inc shorting out on me...currnet one ABS/TAGAN 1100watt piperrock


maxumis 2 formaular
q6600 OC model form OCUK
4Gb OCZ 1066Mhz DDR2
2*250Gb seagates
2*optical drives (one blu ray)
1* sapphire HD4870 512 stock not OC'ed

I have hardly changed my OC since I built the computer I know it can do it but now it just can't -.- and if started playing up during the time I had teh OCZ powersupply unit strangly
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December 27, 2008 10:52:59 PM

I have the blue screen error

this might help sorry about the size but I m making sure you can see it
a c 156 V Motherboard
December 28, 2008 11:43:43 AM

In the BIOS, what voltage is yor memory set to? If it is set to "AUTO" or 1.8 volts, try raising it to 2.1 volts. A lot of high performance memory really needs the higher voltage.
December 28, 2008 8:21:09 PM

it set to what OCZ states on thier website, which is 2.1 volts..I ve always ran the boared at these settings and it never was a problem at all till recently :/ 
December 29, 2008 12:34:42 AM

I put everything back to stock and ran memtest, oddly it didn't detect my chipset
December 29, 2008 9:21:28 AM

If you have any other Graphics card and have the above STOP: 0X00000101 Blue Screen crash the best way to resolve the issue is to completely remove all the graphics drivers you have in the computer.
You can Check ATi for their removal tools. Nvidia is easy Driver install they will stack and re-stack without even uninstalling if you are not that great at installing software. (USE THE DRIVERS CD THAT CAME WITH YOU'RE COMPUTER) reinstall the drivers from that.
Alienware computers have a default video card drivers CD. You can get the most recent or original Video drivers for you're DELL computer from and if you are a custom Build your graphics Card came with it's own Drivers/resource CD's use them as a baseline the STOP: 0x00000101 Blue Screen will go away.

It will not matter with AOC running in DX9.0c mode right now if you have the latest drivers on any PCIe ver 2.0 graphics card because they would be geared for DX10 and are causing the BSOD crash.

So in short:

CPU failure (NO)

Video sub system failure (NO)

Power supply failure (NO)

Thermal Paste failure (NO)

Loose wires or gremlins (NO) not if other games play correctly.

Video drivers DX10 version for newer PCIe Ver 2.0 Graphics cards Failure (YES)

SOLUTION: Use the default drivers that came on your CD with the computer or graphics card. If for any reason you still crash to a blue screen STOP: 0X00000101 just set you're Shader model back to 2.0 from 3.0 and wait until AoC writes a few lines of code to fix this and installs with next weeks update.

FYI I heard a rumor that DX10 will be available some time this month after some Computer games convention in Germany some place I saw written on an AoC website. I cannot find the link I think it was on the pre release beta home page for AoC.

If you still get the error don't despair have a friend help you to completely remove the current and past graphics drivers completely then install the base drivers again. It should resolve the issue for you.

December 29, 2008 1:26:31 PM

So I have to uninstall my GPU drivers and put 8-6 on which came with my GPU ? yes ... I have put the stock settings back no crashes so far, but it hangs alot and it still takes two goes to get into windows :|

by looking at that, is there a possibleity my GPU was damaged by a faulty psu? further to add even at stock it don't seem stable it has hangs and lockups..OC'ed forget about it it will crash

so to sum up stable ish at stock as far as I know, OC'ed =unstable no matter what sign of damaged boared ?

December 29, 2008 2:37:42 PM

I have been told ot send the boared back, and go from there, i will post the results when i have them and when i get online again.
December 29, 2008 4:55:01 PM

grr can't edit won't let me edit


is the Q6600 @333FSB meant to run at 1.4 volts o_O the mobo seems to want to run it at 1.4 volts all the time
December 29, 2008 6:06:34 PM

Is you box code Box Order Code: BX80562Q6600 or is it a OEM Code: HH80562PH0568M If you do not know try here
vid range is stated at 0.85V – 1.5V so 1.4 is fine. As for the lock ups we need to did a little deeper into the set up in the bio. I feel that is where is the issue now.
Glad to see you do not have a crappy XFX board! lol
What is the timing on your memory set to?
And is you bio the most current for your board?
What king of cooling you use?
Try running with on stick of mem or some other brand just to test timmings. I find on some boards that a more relaxed timming of say 4-4-4-12 and not 5-5-5-12 work when others do not for some strange reason. Keep me up to date and lets get you rock'in!
December 29, 2008 6:21:06 PM

memory I can't change or it will not going into windows, timing are 5-5-5-15 for 1066 @2.1 volts the BIOS is the latest version.

my cooling is OCZ venetta 2 with fan which is wirring its ass off

my Q6600 is the overclocked version from OCUKs (its not really it just has instrustion of how to get it to run at that)

I have it set at FSB 333 for 1.4 volts and its fiarly stable only a few hangs and lock ups
December 29, 2008 6:22:26 PM

PS I needed to goto 1.5 to get stable at 3.2g 1.4625v
dram 2.25
front side strap to north is 333
pcie is 100mhz
ddr2 for our test was at 893mhz no issue and cheap
dram command 1t
dram timming was manual
case latency was at 4
ras to cas del was at 4
ras pre at 4
ras active at 12
all others at auto
increase the CPU PLL voltage from 1.50V to 1.70V along with both FSB Termination Voltage and North Bridge Voltage from 1.20V and 1.25V to 1.40V and 1.55V
note volts per cpu are a hit and miss. What works for us might not work for you. Search Toms for a q6600 oveclock post I am sure there is a lot of info here.
Most of us will try and help you as much as we can!
Have fun!
December 29, 2008 6:27:44 PM

my best was 3.8Ghz :p  but I backed it down due to cooling... for months I had the system rolling at 3.61Ghz till I put a Elite Xstream in it >.> than I started having problems :|
December 29, 2008 6:30:45 PM

no that powersupply is faulty and was sent back under warrnety the mobo never been right since that *sorry it won't let me edit*>.<
December 29, 2008 6:33:15 PM

know that all RAM sold as 1066 (PC8500) is sold at its overclocked value?
5-5-5-18? on reaper i think
but I see the EPP 5-5-5-15 (CAS-TRCD-TRP-TRAS) also?
Article number OCZ2N1066SR2GK
Memory 2GB kit (1024MBx2)
Package 240-pin DIMM
Type DDR2 PC2-8500
Configuration 128Meg x 64
Error correction NON-ECC
Speed DDR2 1066 (533 MHz * 2)
Voltage 2.30 Volt
Memory timing 5-5-5-15 (Tcl-Trcd-Tras-Trp) - EPP
Are you still getting the BSOD's or are you getting to crapdows log in!
32 bit or 64bit!
December 29, 2008 6:33:55 PM

3.6 is great! Nice job!
December 29, 2008 6:34:53 PM

Current bio on board?
December 29, 2008 6:57:41 PM

lastest version heres the link, i wouldn't have updated if there was no problem, I don't flash until i need to

I flashed cos I throught it would slove the problem but it didn't -.-

sorry I can't run the prossecer iden tool from intel it comes up with some sort of error code :|

About the link asus website seems to be down so sorry

the version is 8.00.14 or 1500 as it is on asus

December 29, 2008 7:39:11 PM

Hummm my oc er friend just pasted this to me check this out.
Intresting on unsign drivers and crashing

here is a list I just got e-mail from them through my office.
[ 1802 ]
Fixed use 2 pieces of ATI4870X2 VGA Card can't display from Primary slot display monitor

[ 1702 ]
1. Add "Intel(R) C-STATE tech" item
2. Revise CPU Speed when "Ai Overclock Tuner" is "Auto"

[ 1602 ]
1. Fix Intel 45nm Quad Core CPU ustability issue
2. Fix show wrong Vcore in AI Suite
3. Fix it take too many time to detect SATA Device under AHCI Mode

[ 1307 ]
Improve Memory compatibility
Improve compatibility with some PCI-E Raid Card

[ 0901 ]
Support new CPUs. Please refer to our website at:

[ 0802 ]
Improvie Memory compatibility

[ 0701 ]
Improve Memory compatibility

[ 0604 ]
Improve Memory Compatiblity

[ 0503 ]
1. Fix system hang when cmos time error
2. Fix sometimes report CPU fan error

[ 0117 ]
First release Bios

I was not able to find the 1500 version but I up loaded the 1802 and do see fix for smome ati cards

check here for working links. to your board. Not sure is the 1500 is right seems to be for the non II version.....??? This could be the issue.

If it doesnot work let me know and I will get you all the files some how. I have a OC3 over here so down load is only a second or two at most....

the 32bit and 64bit bios are all the same files I am not sure if it is ok to post the link to the bio but I am sure toms site will let me know if this kind of help is not allowed so here is the link to you new bio...
December 29, 2008 8:16:23 PM

bios date 08/22/08 o_O problemy the 1602 one if any
December 29, 2008 8:18:36 PM

this is odd i can't find the chipset anyware, all I can find is the south bridge
December 30, 2008 3:18:57 AM

AMG, what are you looking for the chip set drivers?
drivers are here for the chip set raid all in one disk

chip set install only is here

your owner manual is here


Intel Socket 775 Processors for Intel® Core™2 Extreme / Core™2 Quad / Core™2 Duo / Pentium® dual-core/Celeron® dual-core /Celeron® Processors
Support Intel® next generation 45nm Multi-Core CPU
Compatible with Intel® 06/05B/05A processors
* Refer to for Intel CPU support list

Intel P45 / ICH10R with Intel® Fast Memory Access Technology
Front Side Bus

1600/1333/1066/800 MHz

4 x240-pin DIMM, Max. 16 GB, DDR2 1200/1066/800/667 Non-ECC,Un-buffered Memory
*Refer to or this user manual for the Memory QVL(Qualified Vendors Lidts).
**When installing total memory of 4GB capacity or more, Windows® 32-bit operation system may only recognize less than 3GB. Hence, a total installed memory of less than 3GB is recommended.
Expansion Slots

2 x PCIe 2.0 x16 (single max @16,dual @ x8 speed)
3 x PCIe x1 ( the PCIEx1_1 (black) is compatible with audio slot)
2 x PCI 2.2

Support ATI CrossFireX™ technology, up to Quad CrossFireX

6 xSATA 3 Gb/s ports Intel Matrix Storage Technology supports Support RAID 0,1,5,10 Marvell® 88SE6121 controller
1 x UltraDMA 133/100/66/33 for up to 2 PATA devices
1 x External SATA 3.0 Gb/s port (SATA On-the-Go)
Silicon Image Sil5723
2 x SATA 3.0 Gb/s ports
Supports RAID 0, 1

Dual Gigabit LAN, both featuring AI NET2
Support Teaming Technology

SupremeFX X-Fi Audio Card
- ADI® AD2000B 8-channel High Definition Audio CODEC
- Creative X-Fi capability
- X-Fi interface
Coaxial/Optical S/PDIF out ports
IEEE 1394

2 x 1394a ports (1 port at back I/O, 1 port onboard)

12 USB 2.0 ports (6 ports at mid-board, 6 ports at back panel)
Overclocking Features

Pin Fin Thermal Module
Extreme Engine
- 16-phase power design for CPU
- 3-phase power design for north bridge
- 2-phase power design for memory
BIOS Flashback
Extreme Tweaker
- CPU Level Up
- AI Overclocking (intelligent CPU frequency tuner)
- ASUS AI Booster Utility
- O.C Profile
Speeding HDD
Voltiminder LED
COP EX (Component Overheat Protection - EX)
ASUS C.P.R.(CPU Parameter Recall)
Loadline Calibration
Special Features

LCD Poster
Onboard Switches: Power / Reset / Cls CMOS (at rear)
ASUS EPU-6 Engine
ASUS Fan Xpert
ASUS Q-Connector
ASUS Q-Shield
ASUS EZ Flash 2
ASUS CrashFree BIOS 3
ASUS MyLogo3
Back Panel I/O Ports

1 x PS/2 Keyboard port(purple)
1 x eSATA port
2 x LAN (RJ45) ports
6 x USB 2.0/1.1 ports
1 x IEEE1394a port
1 x Clr CMOS switch
Internal I/O Connectors

3 x USB 2.0 connectors supports additional 6 USB 2.0 ports
1 x Floppy disk drive connector
1 x IDE connector for two devices
6 x SATA connectors (Blue)
2 x Speeding HDD connectors (Black)
8 x Fan connectors: 1 x CPU / 1 x PWR / 3 x Chassis / 3 x Optional
3 x thermal sensor connectors
1 x IEEE1394a connector
1 x Chassis Intrusion connector
24-pin ATX Power connector
8-pin ATX 12V Power connector
1 x En/Dis-able Clr CMOS
1 x LCD Poster connector
1 x ROG connector
1 x Power-on switch
1 x Reset switch
System panel connector

16 Mb Flash ROM
DMI 2.0
WfM 2.0
ACPI 2.0a
Multi-language BIOS

WOL by PME,WOR by PME,Chasis Intrusion,PXE

SupremeFX X-Fi Audio Card
LCD Poster
ASUS Optional Fan
3 in 1 ASUS Q-Connector Kit
UltraDMA 133/100/66 cable
Floppy disk drive cable
SATA cables
SATA power cables
2-port USB2.0 + IEEE 1394a module
Cable Ties
User's manual
Support Disc

Support DVD:
- Drivers and applications
- ASUS PC Probe II
- ASUS Update
- ASUS AI Suite
- Futuremark ® 3DMark® 06 Advanced Edition
- Kaspersky® Anti-Virus
Form Factor

ATX Form Factor
12 inch x 9.6 inch ( 30.5 cm x 24.5 cm )

This was fun! let me know if I can be of more help........Thanks
December 30, 2008 2:26:42 PM

thanks the drivers was install form the CD, and it "should" pick up my northbridge Chipset, the fact that it does not is worrying, it used to lets put it that way

I treid OCing again 3.3 and 12 volts well within spec for the powersupply, but my god the vcore was all over the place :o ..I htink the mobos caps have been damaged or its regurlators I need quite a high nb setting of 1.7 for it to be half stable!
December 30, 2008 2:32:38 PM

ah found something with intel 4 on it which my P45 chipset falls under, but I can't find what the chipset is, could this be my problem ?
December 30, 2008 7:57:36 PM

sorry can't edit I can find the edti but but won't let me edti

anyways someone wants to know what step in my CPU, its a B6 step in