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I'm looking to upgrade a graphics card for my daughter for her birthday. She wants to play "witcher", but its currently jerky and bad on an HP computer with onboard ATI 3200 graphics and a 17" monitor (1440x900).

Does it matter if I go with ATI or NVIDIA, since it has ATI onboard? I can find an 8800gts, 9800gt or hd4850 for about the same price.

Which brands are best and which should I stay away from?

Quiet operation is a plus, and I'd like this setup to last for a while, but I don't want to break the bank since the bank is me.

The computer has a triple core processor, 5GB ram and the power supply is an ATX12V type with 300watts right now, so I'm pretty sure I'll need that upgraded too.

Thanks for any help and suggestions you can give me,

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  1. 1. it doesnt matter what gpu u get
    2. out of the three u mentioned, HD4850 would be the best, specially if they are of the same price level.....but i think it is a overkill and if u dont want to break the bank, i believe a 9600GT or a 3870 would be enough at ur resolution.
    3. None of the cards above or 9600/3870 will run on ur 300W PSU. u need to get a new PSU or get a GPU with lower requirement, like 4670.....if u want 9600GT/3870, u need min 420W with 25Amp on 12V rail.......9800GT 450W with 28A on 12V.....and for the rest its safe to get 500W
  2. The HD 4670 would not require a new power supply, but would run slower then the 3 graphic cards you mentioned. Of the 3 you mentioned the HD4850 would be the best choice any brand is usually fine, Visiontek may have the best warranty, but would require a new power supply. A quality power supply of 450-500watts. Brands of power supplies to look for would be Corsair, PC Power and Cooling, Antec, OCZ.
  3. 4850 would be ur best bet.
    as for ur psu how many amps on the rails?
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