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Hello, everyone.

I bought an original OEM version of Windows XP. I know that it's authentic because it accepts the Product Key. However, when I attempted to activate it online, it said that the CD key is not valid for the country I am installing from. If Microsoft is truly a global company, they shouldn't have placed restrictions like these. And so what if it's OEM, as long as the copy is legal, isn't it?

Now my question is, I know of several workarounds, but I really would like to try doing things the Microsoft way for the sake of experience because I finally managed to save up to buy an authentic copy. Is there any workaround to this prior to me contacting Microsoft? I tried activating through various proxy servers in various countries, and I tried changing my region in my System - both to no avail. I keep getting redirected to a page coaxing me to buy Windows 7 Home Premium, Pro or Ultimate....

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  1. Which country are you in? There are certain restrictions about which countries US companies can export some software to.
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