[New System Build] First Build in long time

Ok its been a while since i have built a computer from scratch. I think that was back in the day when CPU's were still measured in MHz not GHz

Here is what i have.

Motherboard - XFX 780i
CPU - Intel Core 2 Quad Q9400
Case - Cooler Master RC-810-KKA1-GP (it comes with a PSU)
Graphics - XFX GeForce 8800 GTS Video Card - Alpha Dog Edition

HD i am still undecided on. Also i am wondering if i should get a different Graphics card.

Please Comment!!!
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  1. nVidia chipset motherboards are not very popular these days.

    Far better to get a crossfire board

    and a 4870, which is faster than an 8800GTS and the same price:

    Then get some good memory:

    The PSU in that case has never been completely tested, and Cooler Master is at best a hit and miss OEM when it comes to PSUs.

    Get an Antec 900 case

    And a Corsair 750TX:

    And you'll be better served.

    Hey, I left you the processor.
  2. Processor get a Q6600 if you need quad core. E7200(2.5 Ghz stock)- budget dual core. E8400(3.0Ghz stock) - hi end dual core. E8600(3.33 Ghz stock) 'highest' end processor.

    Better NOT go nvidia for motherboards especially intel versions.
    Nvidia will not make any new chipsets for core i7 (nehalem).
    But they have complete Socket 778 range of motherboards.
    BAD SIDES: nvidia chipsets eats a lot more watts than intel X38/X48. Intel chipsets do tend to OC more. (Can't remember where but somewhere...)
    ATi current line up is excellent. Why not CF them(4800 series) or buy the have "HD 4870X2"(Provided you got the $$$ to buy one). Beats the GTX280 in benchmarks. Or get a HD 4870 1GB ver now (it owns 8800GTS 512MB G92, 9800GTX+) and get another later. Better get a 4870 1 GB not the 512MB ver.

    PROOF(sadly a HD 4850 1GB version, but it is still proof 1 GB rocks):

    Look at "crysis" section and be awed!!!

    I know your gonna flame me coz that other than crysis, no other games make use of 1 GB version(sad). but new games WILL make use of 1 GB framebuffer. This will future proof your graphic card.

    CF and SLi does not make your framebuffer double. The stuff I didn't cover is what Proximon already said. Proximon you made an error you recommended him HD4870 but the link is a HD 4850.

    Perfect HD 4870, Aftermarket cooler (no HI TEMPS), 1 GB version:

    If you don't want CF ask others for a good non-CF board. In my mind its this(both are cheap and not the best Overclocking ble board but can run >400FSB, NOT SURE MORE THAN 400 BUT THIS THING SUPPORTS 400)
    ga-ep35-ds3(not sold in newegg) (this one has better sound, 6 Phase CPU)
    ga-ep35-ds3L(sold in newegg)(this one has cheaper sound, 4 phase CPU:

    GET A WESTERN DIGITAL 640 GB for hard disk. If you need 1 TB. get 2 of this it will make 1.28 TB. Don't get a smaller or bigger hard disk.

    WOW, my post is LONG!!!LOL!
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