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Hello everyone

I have an Inspiron 530 desktop(brand new) with vista and i installed an MSI Nvidia NX8600GTS 512 mb into it but so far my computer has not detected the card at all. Is this common? could it be that my pc is not compatible with the card or is the card defective? I wonder if it is common for graphics cards not to be detected. And usually when a graphics card is not compatible with a motherboard, what happens? Please let me know! Thanks!

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  1. Have you connected the 6-pin power connector between graphics card and psu ?
  2. Uninstall the video card drivers.
    Go in the bios, turn off integrated video and change it to PEG.
    Hook the monitor cable to the video card.
    Install the new drivers.
  3. hey evongugg

    thanks for the advice. just want to clarify something. i should uninstall the current integrated video card drivers? if after the first 2 steps is done and i still don't detect the graphics card (which i believe my monitor will be blank at this point because you suggest i hook the monitor cable to the video card), should i switch it back to the original port? Won't uninstalling the integrated graphics drivers make my monitor go blank when i replug it in?

    also hsetir suggested that i connect the 6pin power connector to the psu...i didn't realize that i have to do that. is this necessary? i thought most video cards will work with just simply putting it into the pci-e slot.

    Thanks for helping!
  4. Yes you need to connect the 6-pin power connector from the power supply.
    No uninstalling the integrated video drivers will not kill the video.
    If your video disappears after changing to PEG and saving the bios, connect the monitor cable to the video card and you should be all set.
  5. err what monitor cable?
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