Are my q6600 temps ok?

I have a q6600 GO stepping, and I wasn't sure if my temps are ok.

I use arctic silver 5 and Arctic Freezer 7 Pro heatsink/fan.

My temps are approximately 35-39 Celsius idle, and go up to 50 or so under load. I thought that they should be lower because some people report idle temps of like 19-20 degrees.

A couple other things I'm not sure of, (I don't know about under load), idle, core 1 is always hottest, and sometimes about 6 degrees hotter then core 3, which is always coolest.

Last thing, my g15 keyboard has a performance monitor on it, and for some reason, running most software, core 1 gets used about 4 times as much as the other cores. Is this normal? I would have thought that they were all used evenly.

Thanks for everyone's help,

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  1. Plenty of threads out there on this man, read up, don't be lazy.. do a bit of leg work before poesting, been seeing too many "q6600 temp" questions lately...
  2. I have the exact same thing mine runs at 27c idle and about 43c under load
  3. What about the difference in the use of cores? It's a pretty big difference too, I was just watching a vid online and core 0 was being used about 30 percent and the others about 5.
  4. The core usage is not unusual. Mine does the same thing, one being used much more than others.

    Those temps aren't bad if your system is overclocked, but not great if you are running 2.40GHz. The Arctic Freezer 7 Pro is at its limit with a quadcore. 50 degrees isn't going to hurt anything though.

    I had a Thermaltake Big Typhoon on my Q6600 that had the same problem. I was running 55 degrees at 2.40 GHz. Pumping up the voltage and speed to 3.20 GHz, it couldn't stand the added heat and temps went to 70 degrees. Switched to a different cooler (in my case a Zerotherm Nirvana 120) and temps dropped dramatically, to around 50 degrees while running Prime 95 for over an hour.
  5. What temperatures are being stated? The cpu temp or the core temps?
  6. The core temps, I didn't think there was a difference.

    In the bios I took my CPU fan off automatic and set it to always 100% of it's maximum speed and my core temps dropped quite a lot. Idle, on the cores, I get basically from 28-32 degrees celsius, I haven't done a stress test yet.
  7. To have an idle temp of 19 deg they must be sitting using there PC in a fridge - the idle temp will always be 5 deg or so above ambient room temp even with the best cooling...
  8. You have to start worrying when the temperature is more than 85C in prime and NOT 50C.
  9. I just built a new rig with a Q8200 @ 3.325ghz and a Xigmatek S1283 120mm Cooler w/Arctic Silver 5.

    In the BIOS, idle temp shows 20c.
    Idle on the desktop with RealTemp shows 35c.
    2 hour 100% load with Prime95 shows 55c max.

    And this is a 45nm quad. I would feel fine with 60c for mine, 65c with yours under a full overclocked load.
  10. those temps are fine i would get higher load temps at stock settings i would under volt and oc to 3.2ghz and compare... i primed 24/7 3.2ghz @ 1.200v in bios cooled with a zalman with all the fans on low... bout 61c on the hottest core. 58c with the fans turned up.
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