Asus Striker II formula 780i

The PC runs great...until that is I try to play a Game (currently EQ2, but has same issues with the 1st Striker 2 I had playing Age of Conan)
it locks up sometimes letting me get to desktop but mostly making my hit the power switch.
i did get some event logs in the beginning that referred to the system not being able to write to RAID0 (not using any raid but there is RAID as an option on this PC) now its mainly BSOD & creates a dump file.

I have the following setup

Striker II Formula 780i
E8400 CPU
Corsair PC8500 4GB sets (2x2) and i have 2 sets for a total of 8 GB (tested with 4 and 8 same issues)
Ulta 1000w x3 Power supply
1 seagate sata HD none RAID
ide dvd burner
Vista 64bit Ultimate

I updated the BIOS to the lates version
installed fresh windows
downloaded and installed the latest drivers for all my hardware (even tried installing only OS and Video Drivers with same results)
installed the nforce drivers without the network management
I tried setting 4GB of the ram to 2.1 volts, same results
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  1. Memtest 86 over night.
  2. no errors

    i installed Windows XP Pro 32 bit and when gaming it does not fully lock up just pauses a long time and i get even erros like this...

    Source: nvgts
    Event ID 9
    The Device, \device\scsi\nvgts1, did not respond within the timeout period

    also get this shortly after

    Sorce: Disk
    Event ID 5
    An Error was detected on device \device harddisk0\D during a paging operation
  3. sounds like your storage chipset on teh mobo playing up there...tryied getting some HDD dio tools...I noticed you have a seagate, if you go on thier website and down load the seagate dio tool for DOS not windows, burn it on a CD iso than boot your comp on it see if it passes
  4. No Issues found :(
  5. okay, what about your memory voltage? that can be found from the company who makes them, they will tell you the voltage your memory should run at, on corsirs website
  6. Im running Corsiar ram thats 1066 2.1 volt ram, but im using 4x2GB sticks for a total of 8GB. Striker 2 formula board will not allow me to run at 1066 with all 4 sticks so its back to 800Mhz, do i use the same 2.1v on the memory for 800 Mhz?
  7. yes 800 is the stock speed anyways, or it was for my P45 mobo
  8. so ya 2.1 like it states
  9. I have it at 2.1, Same issue :(

    I mean im a freaking Network Tech for over a decade. built countless computers, Server, full networks, i even build a nearly identical system for a customer a week ago (better Video and i used the xfx 780i MoBo instead) and it freaking rocks this game...i was soooo jealous! but my own system sucks so bad its making me want to throw it away and just buy a new one with i7 chip...
  10. I feel the same way I think a lot of people feel this way. Believe me I have been all over the last month reading about this board and its ram problems. Even called Asus a few times..
    I don't think anything will happen about this damn board until we all get together and yell about it. It was over 300.00 bucks not cheap and it will not do what it is suppose to.
    I am also thinking of buying a new MB, CPU, and Ram. Im so sick of this board and its problems I could scream and NO I am not happy with it at all. Only time it is great is when I am on forums, typing or do other stuff but for gaming it is s--t. I hate it. :fou:

    I just have to talk my husband into thinking his computer needs upgrading and get this one as all he does forums so I can build a new system. But to tell you I think ASUS should give us the opt to upgrade to a better board taking this one back and we just pay for the upgade part and shipping but not the cost of a whole new board.
  11. I also have the Asus Striker II Formula and after paying $300 for this board I'm bummed to find a lack of memory chips that will let me run 8GB of RAM at 1066. Adobe CS5 Premiere and After Effects are 64-bit only and if you are going 64-bit then it makes perfect sense to use 8GB of RAM, especially for editing video. It's sad that my new Asus laptop running an i5, Nvidia Optimus and 64-bit Windows 7 will be abale to run Premiere and After Effects and my gaming desktop is getting left behind. D-oh!
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