how to connect case fan to mobo

ok so i've had my computer for more than 3 months and i'm finally getting around to asking how to connect the case fan to my mobo? i got a m2n-sli deluxe and an apevia x-jupiter, the case fans are currently connected to my psu. can anyone help out, thanks for any help. :D
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  1. You may have to go to the manufactures web site and download the manuel if you don't already have one. It will have the lay-out for the fan connections.
  2. You will need the following

    1x butter knife
    2x quarts of axle grease
    1x car battery
    1x extra pair of pants (you will know when it happens)
  3. On second though just download the user's manual from the manufacturers webpage. The layout should be detailed in the manual.

    You will only be able to install 1 or 2 case fans on the mobo.
    The others will have to be connected via molex connectors from the power supply.
  4. Or get a fan controller. is the one i have on order, it supports 4 fans (3 by 3-pin), temp sensors for your CPU,GPU,HDD w/e and has a lovely lovely display.
  5. uhhhhh its called an adaptor.
  6. Geesh everyone is harsh today.
    To the OP, I know that taking the time to look at or read your motherboard manual is a tough thing to do, and sometimes all those big words they use like "processor" and "expansion slot" are hard to understand, so I will be a little more helpful.
    The connectors that say "FAN" or "AUX" right next to them are usually the ones most people use......
  7. alright thanks, lol i know i already checked my manual and the layout i found out i need a power adapter
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