How does my Vantage score look?

Finally got my p6t back from rma and am trying to fine toon my system. do you see any bottle necks? let me know your opinions please and also how do you think i scored? [...] scores.png

p6t deluxe
i7 920 @ 4.0 ghz
saphhire 4870x2 @ stock
6 gig g.skill ram
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  1. These are mine look at my seg to see what I have in my machine.
    3DMark X8323
    GPU 8016
    CPU 30599
  2. Bump

  3. This is with 2 stock 260GTX 216SP in SLI
  4. Turn off Physx and try again. I read a few articles about physx causing inflated scores with Vantage.

    That discusses the matter is some OK detail. For more, please google it.
  5. Um, yeah, the PhysX thing kind of elminates vantage as a useful benchmark for anyone that doesn't run PhysX. Turn it off.
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