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I am having problems with RAID-0 (2 disk). I had to replace my mobo. I went from a p5nd2-sli to a p5q pro turbo. It is not recognizing the drives as a raid set.

I am currently running windows vista, with 3 sata drives, two SATA disk are 200 GB drives which were in RAID 0. I also have a 150 GB SATA Drive running the OS.

Back to the issue at hand, I searched the site and I saw a few people having success with raid reconstructor so I thought I would try it. The issue I am having is that when I try to create an image. It does not pickup any of the drives as source. When I check disk management it see one of the drive as a healthy partition and the second one as being unallocated.

I am not sure what are the next steps? Can anyone assist?
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  1. never mind - figured it out.
  2. what did you do to solve this? I have a similar problem and am suspecting I'm missing something trivial.
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