Blue Screen of death on pavilon dv1000 notebook fix?

I've tried everything I know of to successfully boot XP on this HP Pavilion dv1000 notebook, but the end results is the dreaded Blue Screen of Frustration. Originally, I was trying to find the password on the unit for my son. However, I have been able to reach the desktop and sometimes I can do operations like disk clean, defrag. even Norton 2010 scan but only in SAFE MODE.
When I try to reboot this unit with 3 different User names/ passwords the Blue Screen appears again. STOP c0000021a, Fatal System Error Windows sub system process terminated unexpectedly with a Status of oxc0000005 (0x7c9106c3 ox 0317f36c) The System has been shut down Beginning dump of physical memory Dumping physical memory to disk: --
I have tried all options almost via SAFE MODE and while the functioned there is no positive results. I cannot REstore because there is nothing past yesterdays date to restore too. I do not have XP operatng disk but I think that may be my next and only option. Any advice out there, (related to Blue Screen of death XP restoration??)
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  1. If you can still use Safwe Mode, chances are Safe Mode with Networking wioll work as well so use that to download MalwareBytes from Install and update it then run the Full Scan and let it fix anything it finds. Restart, still into Safe Mode and right click the C:\ drive, go to Tools and Check for Errors. Tick both boxes in the next form and let it run Checkdisk - after the next restart, if it asks you to.

    Finally, go back into MalwareBytes and click the Logs tab. Please copy and paste the log back here for further advice. None of your private information will be in it.
  2. -Not sure if you have tried this, but when you hit "F8" to go to Safe Mode, have you tried "last know good config"?

    -Also, Norton has been known to cause this out of the blue. As long as you still have your product key somewhere, so you can re-install if it is not the issue, Boot into safe mode and uninstall norton, then run norton removal tool (just download the .exe to a flash drive or boot to Safe mode with networkingand download it), then restart the PC and see if it worked.

    -Lastly, If there is no important data on the machine, this particular model SHOULD have a recovery partition. Turn on the PC, the hit "F11" a few times, and it should begin to launch the recovery manager.
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