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Getting a new cpu+mobo

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November 26, 2008 5:54:44 AM

So I have this Pc that I built from extra parts,it has a amd 1.6ghz, 1gb or ram,visiontek x1550.I found 2 great deals on newegg for a Amd phenom 9950 quad,or an Intel Q6600 Quad.Not sure which one I should get but they both seem similar.This will be a gaming pc btw. I currently have Vista Ultimate 32bit.So what will happen if I change out the mobo and cpu to the new ones?Will the pc just boot up and thats it, or do I need to format and install my system?And im worried about my psu.Its some iCute, says maximum output 400w,+12- 18A

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November 26, 2008 6:37:44 AM

I doubt your RAM is DDR2 so you'd need new RAM.
I doubt your mobo has PCI-e, so you'd need a new graphics card.

If changing your motherboard, 99% of the time you will NEED to reinstall windows, but it's always recommended with a change thias big.

If you can post more details about your current system it would help.
November 26, 2008 7:16:10 AM

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November 26, 2008 10:40:50 AM

When you say "it has a amd 1.6ghz", I assume you mean an AMD CPU. If so, you cannot use an Intel Q6600 (it's a shame, the G0 stepping OC's like crazy).

You will need a new power supply. The 12 volt bus on your PSU isn't heavy enough. At stock speed, a Q6600 needs about 8 amps; OC'd, about 10 amps. A relatively high performance video card will need 8 - 10 amps. That leaves nothing for the motherboard or drives.

Check out the difference between your current PSU and something like a 450 watt Corsair PSU.

A good, relatively inexpensive choice would be a Gigabyte EP35-DS3 motherboard and the Q6600 (or one of the Q9XXX's in your price range).

OC warning - do not try to push the Q6600 past about 3.0 GHz with the stock cooler.

Actually, your first decision should be: do I upgrade or build a new box? You are already considering buying a new motherboard, CPU, memory, video card, and PSU. You may as well add hard drive, DVD burner, and a case to put it all in.
November 26, 2008 5:43:37 PM

Well the 9950 that I plan on buying comes with an amd motherboard,so I will be buying DDR2,my current pc has DDR. Also why wouldn't my video card fit the new mobo? My visiontek x1550 is a pci express port, right?
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November 28, 2008 11:45:15 AM

Apologies. I saw the 1.6 ghz amd and immediately jumped to delusions concluded that that mean ,umm, "old" and therefore "AGP".

If you can use your video card, there's no need to change it.
November 30, 2008 2:45:36 AM

No problem. Thanks for the advice guys. I decided to go with the 9950, got a good deal on newegg, 190 for the cpu and 4gb of ddr2 ram,and a ecs black edition motherboard for 50. Now ill just have to see if it will boot without reinstalling :??: