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The 500 Euro Gaming PC Challenge

Last response: in Systems
September 5, 2008 10:28:18 PM

Hi all,

I've got a bit of a challenge on my hands here. I need to build a gaming system for under 500 EUROS and I'm hoping you guys might be able to lend your considerable knowledge to the build. So here's the story:

I'm an American living in Ireland and suffering under the yoke of the Euro and greedy retailers :)  Over here prices for components in-store are usually 50-100% the online/wholesale prices (sometimes more). I've gotten lucky enough to have found a decent Newegg wannabe that offers components for reasonable prices in comparison with the US, but due to the wonky pricing structures and model numbers I'm second guessing myself when it comes to component selection.

The website is There is also another one that tends to run a bit more expensive but has some alternative manufacturer options. (if anyone knows a cheaper/better website(s) please speak up).

I'm looking for the best gaming system I can purchase for 400-500 euro including shipping costs. My needs besides gaming would be for basic usage (internet, e-mail, CD/DVD burning, etc) and not much more. The cheaper the better. I'm a moderate-advanced builder, so OCing and difficult installs are welcome so long as the OCing it doesn't require degrees in physics and mathematics :)  If you already know the specific voltage/multiplier setups--even better. If you guys have any ideas of suggestions, I'd really love to have them. I've got my own ideas but instead of coloring your opinions, I'd rather just let you guys list what you think would be the best setup.

Cead Mille Failte,

September 6, 2008 2:16:44 AM

I don't do euros 0_o
September 6, 2008 3:04:56 AM

CPU- E7200 101 Euros
Motherboard- P45 Asus P5Q 100 Euros
RAM 2x1 Corsair 36 Euros
GPU 9800GT- 128 Euros
HD SATA 320GB seagate barracuda 51 Euros
DVD writer SATA LG 20 Euros
Cheap case 23 Euros
PSU 500w OCZ Stealthstrean 53 Euros
Should be close, just a bit over, you could make budget with a cheap case/PSU combo. Or by going with a P35 instead of the P45. If you can afford it, go with the E8400. No HD4850s available on one site, very expensive on the other.
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September 6, 2008 3:55:10 PM

Mmm that looks like a decent build. I would ask why you used the 9800GT over the 9600 though? And would you go with a P35 board and a E8400 instead of the 7200 and the P45?

Gave me something to think about with that case/PSU combo.

I would have thought 2GB RAM was considered low now-a-days for gaming?
September 6, 2008 4:57:17 PM

The 9800GT is basically the 8800GT with tri SLI, it's a nice step up from the 9600GT and not too much money. Personally i'd go with the P35 and the E8400. While the E7200 is a nice CPU, it really needs overclocking to shine. I've used a lot of budget cases and they all pretty much do the job, you may have to add a fan for cooling, but fine for a budget build. The OCZ power supply is a decent PSU at a workable price. Ilovgilgill is better then i am at most European builds.