Question about 3dmark 2000 (yes -2000)

My PC has been pretty sluggush lately and nothing I did was helping. So I decided it was time for a fresh install of XP.

I bought a MyBook for all of my save games, patches, utilites etc. After the re-install I was curious about how the benchmarks would fare, but like an idiot the folder I drug to the external only had the shortcuts for most of the benches in it. The only complete program was 3dmark 2000.

I had some trouble getting my interenet to connect so I just used 2000. Coming off of a fresh install running as one of the first apps it scored around 65000. I know 3dmark 2000 is antiquated but I was still surprised by how high the score was (and that was at 1680x1050 without the CPU test working). I remember back in the day being happy to break 20000.

So in the meantime I got my interenet working and XP started to install all of the updates (specifically SP2 and SP3). After all of the updating was done I decided to check again with 3dmark 2000. This time the scores dropped to around 31000.

Besides the XP upgrades all I installed was Avast anti-virus and Steam. Disabling both raised the score to about 33000 - still about 50% slower.

So my question is - Do Microsoft updates really cause such a slowdown? Or is 3dmark 2000 simply too old to be relevant?

I know there's not much difference between 1500 fps and 800 fps, but after the automatic updates some of the fps actually dipped below 100 on the high detail test. Before I think the absolute lowest I saw was around 120.
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  1. I have noticed something similiar. My scores for 3dmark2000 are lower than 3dmark03. I realize you can't directly compare, but the generally the newer the version, the lower the score. Anyway to get the CPU test to run?
  2. If you run 3Dmark06 and get around 13-15k you would be fine.
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