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I have two OCZ Vertex 30GB SSDs that I want to place in raid 0 and I'm running into a few issues. After messing around a bit I finally got the two drives into raid but I accidentally put them into span instead of stripe. How do I delete the current array and fix this? I've tried reformatting the drives seperately with raid turned off and then turning raid back on but it's still showing as span. I'm not even sure how I did it. A raid tool window came up one time when I was messing around so I used that. Thanks for any information.

EVGA 790i Ultra Sli
Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit
4GB Patriot Viper 2000 Ram
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  1. Can't you delete/remove the array in RAID BIOS configuration? After your computer powers on, you should be able to see the RAID BIOS display some text output to allow you to enter their setup utility. This should allow you to remove the current array and then re-create the RAID0 striping volume instead.

    If this does not work, you need to zero-write the individual harddrives; because the RAID configuration is stored in the last sector on each drive - 512 bytes. A normal format does not zero-write the entire disk, and you need to connect it to a non-RAID controller to be able to 'see' the last 512 bytes.
  2. When I restart I have to press f10 to enter raid setup utility but all it does is list both of my raid arrays and doesn't offer any option to change them. My normal hard drives are set as stripe and the SSD raid is set as span. Am I missing something?
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