9800 GTX+ vs 4850

9800 GTX+ for $160 shipped vs 4850 for $169.99-$30mir+$8shipping=$148 on newegg btw.
the thing is that i just bought 4850 last night and today i found out 9800gtx+ @ $160shipped!
i did some research the 9800gtx+ is a little better than 4850 in most games. should i just leave it as it is? btw i m upgrading from 8800gts 640
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  1. 9800gtx+ perform slightly better.

    Still, the difference is small, and not really noticeable. So, it's a matter mail in rebates. 4850 is either $10 more or $10 less, depending on wether you count in mir. There is also issue of heat. 4850 runs hotter and vents hot air inside the case. If you have a well ventilated case, 4850 is fine, and cost $10 less after mir. If not, 9800gtx+.
  2. What 4850 did you get?

    There are some variants from a lot of vendors out there. Hopefully you got a 2 slot HSF version. Otherwise, look for the way of the fan fix. That card really heat things up XD

  3. i got the palit's non-oced 4850. it looks ugly but i think its the best one.
  4. accu said:
    i got the palit's non-oced 4850. it looks ugly but i think its the best one.

    It has to be this one!


    Nice buy IMO, really.

  5. Vote for 9800GTX+
  6. mihirkula said:
    oh cmon... turn up the AA and watch the 9800gtx+ die


    but yeah, the performances go back and forth with every review... (not with the AA on though)

    Die? It's merely 2 fps lower than gtx280 at high 2560x1600 AA + AF, in one game, and outperforms gtx280 significantly in every other setting, while costing $150+ less. :sarcastic:
  7. both perform very well.
    i would buy which ever one is cheaper.
  8. I just finally replaced my standby 7800GTX 256MB with the Palit 4850 ... it is a two slot card. So far I am happy in that I can finally turn AA on in games. CoD IV never looked better.
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