Processor choice for small ff gaming pc

Hey Guys,

I was looking through the benchmarks and i need to decide on a proc for my needs. I will be gaming primarily, and i want it to rock on fallout3, WoW, Supreme Commander, and Starcraft 2 when it comes out.

I am building a small form factor PC with the following components:

AeroCool M40 MATX Cube Case - Black
GIGABYTE GA-G31M-ES2L LGA 775 Intel G31 Micro ATX
nvidia 9600gt
4gigs of ram
XP 32bit

I am trying to fina a proc and i am coming up to a a decision:

Core 2 Duo E8600 Dual Core $269.00


Core 2 Q9550 Quad Core $319.99 (this is my price cap)

Heat will be a big issue in this case, as you see.

What would you guys suggest?

or scrap the project and use different parts?

ANY input appreciated!!
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  1. If only gaming, get the dual core. E8500 or E8600.
    Heat "could" be an issue, but it does have room for 3 fans (I'm guess 80mm). I think you're bigger issue could be if the 9600GT can fit in the case, especially if it has power inputs on the end of the card.
  2. Yeah, for gaming would go with the dual.

    However, there's not a whole lot of difference between the 8400, 8500, and 8600... priced at $165, $188, and $270 respectively. You should be able to overclock all of them to 4Ghz without too much hassle... so spending 40% more on a chip that's 10% higher clocked than the lower one seems a questionable value.
  3. awesome, any other ideas, im new a OCing, is there a good guide on how to do it for those dual intel models?

    Also the gcard does have power at the tip, do you think itll fit?
  4. definitely go for the e8xxx series. Instead of overclocking, trying running at stock speeds and undervolting.
  5. I would spend less on that CPU and get a better GPU. That 9600GT will struggle with Fallout 3.
  6. Can you wait a month... 35w dual and 65w quad cores a coming - ideal for this setup
  7. ^Ditto. The extra money you pay for the E8600 over the E8500 is not worth it.
    Use that and upgrade to an 8800 and you should be good.
  8. Get the E8500 and OC it.
  9. If you want to try to OC, you'll need a capable chipset.

    DFI LP JR P45-T2RS LGA 775 Intel P45 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard - Retail
  10. alright awesome suggestions!

    so changing to:

    AeroCool M40 MATX Cube Case - Black
    DFI LP JR P45-T2RS LGA 775 Intel P45 Micro ATX Intel Motherboard

    would you recommend 8800 gts, gtx, or gt? any specific model (barring not outrageously priced) ?
  11. HD 4850.

    According to that you have 300mm the HD4850 is about 9.5" long... leaving you with about 1.5 inch to play with should be enough...
  13. With considerations of overclocking your 8500, and that case, you might want to lean with a 4850 that has a dual slot cooler. The reference design just pumps heat all over the case.
  14. ender56 said:

    Yep, that's a very good choice, and not too expensive either.
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