ECS Kn3 SLI2 Extreme

I have a ECS Kn3 SLI2 Extreme

it's a AM2 Board

Trying to set the CPU Frequency.

Have a AMD 6400 Black Edition.

3.2 GHZ currently have set to 200 the minimum

timing. It allows from 200 to 300. Is there

a better timing I can set???

Also the Memory is 4 Sticks of (8 GB total Memory)

OCZ DDR2 800


I have is set at 2.1 V cause that's what it said on the stick.

But there are way too many memory settings for me to manually set.

I've pics at the bottom inclueded what CPU-Z states.

My maind two questions are

1. Is my CPU set correctlty and getting the most out of it???

2. Is my Memory set correctly and getting the most out of it??

I ask as this was a upgrade and the memory doesn't appear to be operating
in Dual Channel mode.


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  1. Ok I put up the updated CPUZ

    I can change the Frequency any amount from 200-300
    and I can change the Voltage recommended is 1.35-1.4

    But I can't figure out how to change the multiplier.

    Here's what's in the bios

  2. Now the that's the CPU but the memory is a big problem.

    It always defaults to DDR2 400 not DDR2 800

    and here's exactly what it says right now with nothing changed.

    I have more pics of the bios options in this folder:

    also here's a direct link to download the manual might help to see

    all the settings in the bios.

  3. I think I understand the CPU better now. I figured out how to change the voltage
    and timings and understand that the 6400 can be overclocked but I am really
    looking for stability. I am currently over clocking it to 3.3 GHZ instead of
    the 3.2 GHZ which isn't anything, but it should be stable.

    The main problem seems to be the memory. I was able to finally get it to
    recognize it as DDR 2 800 instead of DDR2 400 but the timings are off.
    Every time I try to change them manually I get error and won't boot.

    I do have the voltage set to 2.1 v.

    Currently have DDRII Timing Item set to auto cause once i
    go in try to manually set the CAS, TRCD, TRP, and TRAS
    it will not boot just get errors.

    I need to know for the memory what the are the correct
    settings for the following so I can get the memory to perform
    correctly. Right now CPUZ reports the follwoing:

    CAS at 6 when it should be 4 or 5
    TRCD at 6 when it should be at 4
    TRP at 6 when it should be at 4
    TRAS at 18 when it should be at 15

    The following are the options when I take if off of auto.

    what are the proper settings for the follwoing:

    TWTR Command Delay ? default set at 3 bus clocks
    TRFCO for Dimmo ? default set at 75ns
    TRFC1 for Dimm1 ? default set at 75ns
    TRFC2 for Dimm2 ? default set at 75ns
    TRFC3 FOr Dimm3 ? default set at 75ns
    1t/2t ? default set to 2t
    TRTW ? default set to auto
    Async Latency ? default Set to Auto
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