GV-R485ZL-512H 4850 lookthrough

Well this is my mini review of the Gigabyte 4850 w/ Zalman cooler. I couldn't find any reviews or comparisons of it online, so maybe this will help someone out.


thats my newegg box.. i love newegg but i hate when they put it at the bottom of the box -_-

^the box almost actually made me NOT want to get this card... its too... pathetic?

^the cd and the booklet that came with it... might i ask, does any1 have any experience with the gamer's hud from gigabyte? is it worth installing?

^comes with dvi-vga converter, dvi-hdmi converter, cf connector, and this s-video to rca converter type thingy

^for some reason, i appreciate the covers on the dvi and cf connectors

^with zalman vf830 i believe

^ 9 3/16 inches [a little over 23.3cm], don't know if that's standard

^time to put it in :p

^its been so long since i put it in a video card... that I FORGOT HOW TO DO IT :heink: :lol:

^after googling for hours, i finally found how to do it... i don't think it'll fit :na:

^well after putting it in, i did a pathetic stress test with 3dmark @ 1680x1050 with 8xaa and antistropic... as you can see the cooler just cools too damn fast for it too actually continue rising from test to test, which was amazing... i don't have a thermometer any where around so ill guess ambient temps...its about 19.5C outside, and most windows are close, and i got a big screen, another computer, and a 360 all cramped around this computer, all on... so its about 23C ambient.. the card idled at 42C and with the 'stress test' it never went over 55C for the core temp, and highest temp for the card was 60C on the memory IO.. i don't think it'll ever go over 60C in this temperature

well i still have to give the rebate offer, i hope its easy enough... but yeah, i moved from 2x2900pro's [flashed to xt's] to this... 3dmark showed a lower score overall, but i got the hdmi audio working with this card, and a way way way lwoer power consumption... so its more of a move sideways, but im still cool with that, i practically got this for free =]

hope this helps some1's judgement when it comes to buying a card
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  1. nice review !

    i'll didn't found anything about this card....

    can u tel me what about the noise level of this card with Zalman-cooler.

    i'm playing in the livingroom and my family dusn't like the noise of a fan, if u know what i mean.

    So, i'm looking for the most quiet HD4850 - maybe this one is...????
  2. Noise is on the higher side. It is currently the loudest component in my system, including 4x 120mm fans and 1x 140mm fan and CPU fan. I found that the fan is a 2 wire job only - it's on or off, no speed control available. I also found that I could not OC it using Control Center - I could move the sliders, but the GPU and Mem speed remained the same.
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