Does the 780G chipset support mixed crossfire?

The amd 780G chipset supports mixed crossfire? I mean.... Could I mixed a 4830 and a 4870 in crossfire? The motherboard is: ASRock A780GXE/128M. Does it support two 4830 in crossfire or a 4870 and a 4830?

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  1. I think with crossfire you can do that anyway unlike SLI. But its best to keep both cards the same
  2. if i remember right, crossfire in any form supports that.
  3. most people but both of the same card in through for performace, if i also remeber crossfire was the first to bring out 2+1 2 for rendering and 1 for phyics but the third don't have to be the same, for example two HD4870 and one x800 for the physics
  4. If I were you I would NOT run the HD4870and HD4830 together because of different memory speeds on them.... 1.8ghz vs 3.6ghz (Or is it the base speed that matters... because in that case- they are both 900mhz)
  5. I would get two of the same anyway for best results
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