Recommend me DDR2 RAM

Hi looking to get DDR2 RAM 1066MHZ CL5, shows better results in benchmarks, so id stick with that. Any recommendations?
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  1. Mushkin is what I recommend
  2. any others?
  3. corsair XMS or Dominator
  4. what about G.skill
  5. I personally have used G.skill since my very first homemade rig...and have never been disappointed...
  6. Here's one that's a little different from all the rest: Buffalo Firestix
  7. G.skill always seems to be the cheapest, but which is the best bang for buck?
  8. Well ive always gone with gskill simply because they do have great prices on their products as well as a very reputable reputation...
  9. If all of the different RAM modules that you are considering are rated at DDR2-1066 and 5-5-5-18 and you will be running them at these specs, then the cheapest one is the best bang for the buck. Memory is the same when running at the same speed. The difference between these various modules is their respective overclocking limit and for that you would have to look at some of the head to head comparison tests. The question then becomes whether or not you want to pay extra for any differences in upper speed.
  10. The best bang for the buck is to get this Mushkin DDR2 1000 RAM

    and overclock it to 1066 with those timings. You should be able to overclock it without a problem, but of course with overclocking your mileage will vary :). Anyway the best brands are Mushkin and Corsair. As for the best bang for the buck, then it's whatever is cheaper. Of course with RAM you generally get what you pay for.
  11. How about this yet I read in the reviews that you have to manually set it to run at 1066, this is my first pc build, so is this normal (with other DDR2 RAMS.) and is it pretty easy for a first time pc builder?
  12. I built my friend a quad core phenom rig with those sticks and they worked flawlessly...
  13. +1 to megamanx00 for Mushkin Redline, they are 5-5-5-12!
  14. Ahslan which sticks you talking about the ones i posted or megamanx00?
  15. I was going to get this G.SKILL DDR2 PC2 8500 4GB kit

    But the motherboard i got the P5Q-E is not listed in the Qualified Motherboards List at the bottom. Will this not work then?
  16. Please answer question above. But also for this G.Skill ram people have been having to manually setting it to 1066. Could some 1 tell me if this is how you do it.

    Advanced chipset
    FSB & memort config
    memorary clock mode
    change linked to unlinked press enter
    go down to Mem (DDR) MHz
    type in 1066
    check memory timing setting 5 5 5 15
    go back to advanced chipset
    system voltages
    change to 1.8V to 2.0V
    hit esc
    hit esc
    save & exit setup

    Do you change the Mhz first? And do you manually change all this as soon as have turned on your built PC for the first time? before you install windows do u change your 4gbs of DDR2 ram to 1066 from 800 by changing the Voltage to 2.0V?

    PLEASE reply quick need to order soon.
  17. i was talking about the ones u posted...not the mushkin...
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