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Hello, Anyone know where the audio spdif (digital) connector is on the HIS 4650 AGP 1gb version is? I see one connector with 3 pins. I has a red colored jumper (2pin). I cannot find what this actually is, nor do the instructions or manuel that came with this product explain what it is?
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  1. the only sound output on the video card is via HDMI. There is no other connector.

    digital sound otherwise is found on your soundcard.
  2. Thanks, the reason is I get no sound and was told that it is the reason. I guess I was told otherwise. I'm running windows XP and an SoundBlaster Audigy 2zs, lite on blue ray player iHES208. Trying to get sound but seems it's some drivers i need to get? Any other info well be greately appreciated. Thank you much.
  3. have you checked the sound settings in the Control Panel? You might have to change the output option to HDMI.
  4. I have, the problem I'm running into is installing ATI's HDMI driver, it will not install for nothing. The installer does not even show it as a driver to be installed in ATI install manager.
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