I own 2 PSUs - which is the better of the two?

I have an Antec NeoPower 550w that I bought in 2005. It has 3x12v rails @ 18amps. It is SLI Certified, Crossfire Ready.


I have an OCZ 600w StealthXStream that I just purchased. It was 4x12v rails @ 18amps. It is not SLI/Crossfire Certified, but it is SLI/Crossfire Ready.


I have read that the OCZ is a good budget power supply. I know it lacks longer cables or modular cables, or as many cables. My Antec seems to have a good cable system & is a modular design. The Antec is older, but at the time was supposed to be a very good PSU and is still $100 on newegg. The OCZ is solid but does not have glowing reviews, but it is also newer, but I got it for only $28 on newegg thanks to sale + MIR for Black Friday.

How do the two compare? Which PSU would you use in your "preferred build"?

My setup will be a Core2Quad, 8gb RAM, GTX 260 Core 216 in an Antec Nine Hundred case
My secondary setup will be a Athlon X2 4800+, 4gb RAM, 7800gt in an Antec P180 Case

Which power supply would you place where, and why?

Thanks for the advice!
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  1. for what it's worth hardwaresecrets.com did a review of the ocz and stated that it could have been sold as a700w as it will do just that,i am using one with an 8800gt and it works just fine,put either of them where it will do you the most good,you can always switch if need be..:)
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