what video card would u guys get

Hey everyone well i have a prob.. i have a 8800gts 512 version.. should i get another one or get a 9800 gx2? i can get one for a good deal.. anyways res is 16x10.. thanks
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  1. If you already have an 8800GTS (based on the G92 not the G80) then you should get another one. Basically that's what a 9800GX2 is, two G92 chips with 512MB each running in SLi. Of course make sure you have the Power Supply to handle it beforehand.
  2. thats what i was thinking its the same thing.. but the 9800 gx2 looks cool lol
  3. I'd get the 8800GT 512 also as long as you have a SLI motherboard and the PSU to run them.
  4. Another vote for the second 8800GTS 512. Cheaper = better. (And I think they're clocked faster)
  5. hey thanks guys.. ya i have a sli board and 700 watt ps =D should be good i hope..
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