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Hi, I have an Acer Travelmate 2700 laptop. One of my fans died, so I ordered another one. I didn't notice the difference between the voltage and now it seems to be a problem.

Original: SUNON MagLev Fan GC055515VH-A DC5V 1.7W
New: SUNON MagLev Fan GC055515VH-A DC5V 1.8W

It's seems like the fan is not getting enough power. Is there a way how to increase the voltage?
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  1. not really.... how do you know the fan is not getting enough power?
  2. Well, it doesn't move just ''click'' once a while. It's weird. There are no options in my bios. So I was just wondering if there is something else I can do.
  3. just monitor the temps, if you see that the temps are at tolerable levels then don't worry about it...
  4. the voltage is always the same...always always always....the current changes.....notice how they both say DC5v? they both want 5 volts, one uses slightly more currrent than the other....
  5. Yeah, I'm just really annoyed that it's not working. I even plugged it into the other fan plug (works all the time) and nothing happened. Is there anything else I can try to make that bastard work?
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